Discover Your Divine Purpose

A week or so ago I tried a meditation out that I found on Spotify which helps you discover your divine purpose and it was very interesting!

It’s by Anna In Wonderland who has the meditation where you get to meet your unicorn (which you can read about here). In this meditation you discover your divine purpose and it gives you a chance to understand and heal whatever it is that is holding you back. You connect with archangel Michael and receive advice and guidance from him regarding your soul and your souls purpose.

So you start off like any other meditation. You get comfortable, take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth and relax. Whenever I meditate I like to lie down in bed because I find it so much more comfortable, especially when I am fully relaxed during the meditation. The first few minutes of the meditation are spent releasing any tension you may have built up either mentally or physically. Just letting go of everything and focusing on your meditational purpose.

The next step requires you to use your third eye to picture a white light and archangel Michael. When I did this my third eye felt heavy and warm. When archangel Michael appeared I could feel the vibrations and the energy around me change. Everything became warm and peaceful. I felt so calm and safe, I haven’t really experienced this before in a meditation. Usually I will experience the different chakra areas vibrating or warming up but I could feel my aura. I could feel the vibrations and I could feel the energy around me. It was pretty powerful!

The meditation allows you to speak to archangel Michael. He asks you why you are asking for his guidance and I just poured my heart out to him. I knew I physically wasn’t talking to him but it definitely felt like it. I was speaking as I would if it was happening in the physical realm. It felt good though because lets face it, it’s not everyday you get to actually speak to archangel Michael as though he was your best friend. I asked him for guidance on my path. I told him I felt as though I had lost my way slightly. I wasn’t lost, I just needed his guidance and advice on making sure I keep moving forward and stay in tune with my soul. So he took me (well actually we flew) to a higher level and we went to a beautiful temple where we were greeted by other angels and guides. The place we went to was just gorgeous. So bright, colourful and peaceful. It was like my kind of heaven.

The temple that you go to is a place of healing and it’s where you receive your guidance and help. It’s a place where your burdens, doubts and fears get lifted from you to allow you to really connect with your soul. When I walked into the temple I walked into this room that was filled with clear quartz, amethyst crystals and a huge bed. So I obviously got into the bed and archangel Michael was by my bedside and he placed his hand on my forehead and my third eye started to tingle…a lot! This is the point in the meditation where it gets pretty deep and for me, I discovered what was really bothering me and holding me back.

The important thing about this part is to just go with the first thing that comes to your head. Don’t think about it. This is all about connecting with your soul, not your brain. The first question I had to ask my soul was what my purpose was on this planet. What was I here to learn, heal and create? My answer was people. I am here to heal people which might seem slightly ironic because I can be quite (very) anti-social sometimes but this year I have started to become very passionate about mental health and my heart breaks when I think about people who are still stuck in that black hole because I know what life is like when you get out of it! I know how rewarding life can be but I know how cruel life may seem when you’re stuck there. I’d love to eventually reach a point where I am helping those fighting a mental battle or even just helping them feel understood and wanted because I get it. I’ve been there.

The next question I had to ask my soul was what my most precious gift is to the world in this lifetime. My answer was my ability to understand, empathise and connect with people. I’ve been told in the past that I have empath traits but I have only really started to notice it in the past few months. This answer wasn’t as much of a shock to me as my answer to my first question. I attract negative people which isn’t really a bad thing but with where I am at the moment I’m not quite ready to deal with that and I don’t really know how to cope with large amounts of negativity. I’ve been told by a few people that I am easy for them to open up to which is great but it can take its toll on me. I am more of a listener than a talker. I’d much rather listen to people than talk to them. I know how shit it can be to feel like you haven’t got anyone around that will fully listen to you so I am more than happy to let people verbally unload their troubles onto me but there is only so much I can take. I need to keep my mental health as my first priority which I’ll admit, I have my moments where it might slip to my second priority but I know in order for me to improve on my empath skills and really tune into them I need to balance myself, my mind and my soul.

My soul was then asked how I could share my gifts in the best and most joyful way and my answer was to just be myself and stay connected with what makes me happy. Since my move to Australia is has opened my eyes on how I want to live my life, especially career wise. I have a few ideas and new possible career choices which I think will provide me with more happiness and fulfilment from my life.

I then asked my soul how and why have I blocked myself from embracing my gifts fully and my answer was myself. I have a lazy attitude which I know and I do sometimes worry about what others might say/think especially if my anxiety is active which gets in the way of a lot of things that make me happy. Spiritualism isn’t fully understood by many and it still gets a lot of criticism which does sometimes make me paranoid about what others may say/think when they realise how spiritual I really am and when you have anxiety it makes the paranoia 10 times worse. Compared to how I was when I first started to connect with my spiritual side to how I am now, I definitely give less fucks to what others think but during the times where my anxiety is pretty active it can be hard to not care about other people’s opinions.

This is where is gets pretty deep. I was then asked if there was anything traumatic that I have experienced in this lifetime or a past life time that needed to be healed. The first thing that came to my head was my last relationship. I knew I still had my issues with it. I knew that I was only 98% over it. I knew that it still bothered me and it still hung around in the back of my head but I wasn’t expecting it to be brought up. I was expecting the death of my dad to be what popped into my head but I guess not. My last relationship was a whirlwind and it had a big impact on me, my self-esteem, mental health and my soul. It had a bigger impact on me than I realised up until recently. For about a year after the break up I was in self destruct mode. I had a lot of other mental issues going on but looking back I can see how the relationship and the break up had a huge effect on my actions and how I lived my life. This year I’ve been focusing on myself and I have loved every moment of it but I know I have avoided the subject. I know I am not fully over the relationship but part of me wants to try to convince myself and others that I am which is probably why this is what popped into my head when I asked my soul this question. I’m not fully over it and I will probably give it another year or so till I can 100% honestly say I am over it but I feel I have some sort of clarification on what is going on in my head and what is still bothering me.

I then get asked what my highest priority is on my path at this time and my answer was myself. If I am wanting to and going to continue down the path my soul is trying to guide me on I need to keep putting myself and my mental health first and this is something that should apply to everyone. We all need to make ourselves, especially our mental health our main priority.

I then have to ask myself what steps I need to take to align myself with my purpose in order to move forward with clarity and confidence. My answer was to stay connected with my soul. So keep up with my meditation, deep breathing, yoga and anything else that provides me with mental clarity and helps me stay connected to spiritual energy. Trust my intuition more and listen to it. Keep moving forward. It’s okay to look back to see how far you have come but keep moving forward.

You then get to ask your own questions and this was a really interesting part of the meditation because again you have a full blown conversation with archangel Michael and when he spoke to me it was like he was a friend. It wasn’t like I was speaking to a wise angel. I was speaking to someone I was close with. Someone who knew me and knew how to speak to me in ways that I would understand what he was saying. He then asks for your permission to allow him to heal what is blocking you from fully embracing your hearts true path to allow you to move forward. He works in your aura and releases any negative thoughts, fears, doubts, karmic attachments to any unhealthy situations and traumatic memories from this life time and past life times. This part was weird because even though I was already feeling peaceful, I began to feel even more peaceful and more at ease. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say I have been healed but I feel like I have a better understanding of myself, my mind and soul.

In the next part you get to meet your soul family which is actually really cute. They’re like beams of light but it feels like you are around family. I stood there and felt all of this light on me and I looked around and saw my dad, my spirit guide and some other random faces that I recognise but I can’t quite figure out where I recognise them from but I feel safe around them. I was filled with a homely feeling. You do a group healing and this is a truly beautiful part of the meditation which I want you guys to experience for yourself. I won’t go into detail but wow, it was beautiful!

When the meditation had finished I awoke feeling so peaceful, satisfied and happy I coulda cried. It was such a beautiful experience and provided me with so much understanding about myself and guidance on my path. I would recommend this meditation for anyone who wants/needs some guidance. To anyone who is feeling lost or unsure of where they need to be or what they need to do.

I’ve provided the link to the meditation below:

Discover Your Divine Purpose

Drink plenty of water, meditate and connect with your soul.

Sending positive vibes to you all,

Emma xo

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