My Blog split up into four sections.

Inner Zen:
Here you will find content relating to meditation, spiritual awareness, yoga and my own personal experiences.

Health & Wellbeing:
In this section you will find posts about body image/confidence, insecurities, maintaining a positive attitude, ways that I have coped with my mental health and exercise. It’s great if you’re looking for ideas to help either yourself or someone you know who might be fighting a mental battle.

Equine World:
Horses have always been a big part of my life therefore they deserve their own section of course! Here you will find my previous work life in the horse industry along with my stories in the horse world.

The Deep Stuff:
Here is all of my personal secrets/stories. This is where you will find all things mental health. My own battles, my lows and my stories. It is split into 3 sections.

Here are all of my articles related to my PTSD. PTSD is something I have been battling for many years and it was the hardest mental issue I had to come to terms with in order to conquer it.

Anxiety is something I still struggle with today. It’s been the hardest mental illness to try and conquer. In this section you will find articles posted that explain my anxiety, how my anxiety works and what I try and do to tame it.

When I had depression it was the hardest thing for me to accept. Deep down I knew that I was depressed but never wanted to admit it mainly due to the stigma that surrounds it. In this section you will find my battles with depression. My extreme lows, my experiences and when I finally admitted defeat.


Please feel free to explore The Life Of Emma!