Meeting Your Unicorn

Earlier this morning I tried a guided meditation that I found on Spotify called Meeting Your Unicorn. It sounded right up my street! I got comfortable in bed, put my earphones in and listened. It started off like any normal meditation. Deep breaths, relax and unwind from the physical realm.

The music that plays in the background sounds very magical. When I closed my eyes the music created a image of purity, clearness and a bright white light which resulted in me instantly feeling at peace and I knew this was going to be a safe journey for me. The lady began to talk in a very angelic and calm voice. It all went very well together. She began to slowly and calmly explain about the unicorns, the journey and what to expect.
The first 10 minutes or so are focused on relaxing your mind and body. After this you focus on your third eye. As the meditation is mainly about travelling to another realm (the realm of the unicorns) you need to detach from the physical realm and activate your third eye. Whenever I meditate I like to focus on my third eye. Usually when I do this I will sometimes get a warm sensation in between my eyes or a tingling feeling. That is pretty much what it feels like when you connect with your third eye. It’s a powerful feeling. When she asked me to focus on my third eye I started to feel a warm sensation and I envisioned a purple light (purple is mainly the colour that is associated with your third eye). She then asks you to take that feeling of warmth and allow it to deeper relax you. So I did and my body fell extremely heavy and I knew this was the time when my journey would really begin.

She then asks you to imagine the colours white and gold and picture a gate/door that the light surrounds. I walked up to the door, opened it and I walked into this beautiful forest! I mean it was gorgeous! Lush green grass, sun shining through the trees and so quiet. I could feel the grass and soil underneath my bare feet and I was honestly so happy. I couldn’t believe where I was! It felt like I was on another planet. She then asks you to look down at your feet and notice a pathway which will lead you to your unicorn. She asks you to walk on your pathway whenever your ready and once I began to walk everything went by slowly. I was taking everything in and I didn’t want to rush the experience. I was in such a beautiful place, I just had to make the most of it. My pathway was winding through the bushes and through the trees and it led me deeper into the forest where I eventually came to a halt and I met my unicorn…

Meditation involves you tuning into your intuition, going with the flow and not second guessing whatever comes into your head. She asks you to listen to what the unicorn has to say. Physically my unicorn doesn’t speak to me but he speaks to me in my head and he tells me his name. Jasper. Yes, my unicorn is called Jasper. Like I said…you just go with the flow. I can’t quite put into words how meeting Jasper made me feel. He made me happy to say the least but I was amazed at his beauty and grace. It almost felt like I was around royalty but he was also my good friend and I knew I could turn to him for any advice or guidance.

You then have to ask your unicorn if they have any messages for you. At this point the word freedom appeared and it took me back to the feeling I had during my dream last night when I was riding a gorgeous white horse on a beach (which you can read about here). At that point during my dream I felt free. I knew that was how I wanted to live my life. I want to remain free. I want to feel freedom. Jasper then mentions the word spiritual. I know I’ve always been a spiritual person but I know I could be a lot more spiritual if I really tuned into my abilities which is what I am going to try and do from now on.

Me and Jasper then both lay down in the long, lush green grass and just admired where we were. After a few minutes the lady begins to guide you again and this is where it got a bit weird for me. She asks you to follow your unicorn. Me being me (even in the unicorn realm…) doesn’t walk along the side of Jasper, I obviously hop on his back and he takes me on a walk. Jasper takes me to this beautiful pond AND then the lady says “keep walking until you have reached a very beautiful and magical pond”. It’s like I already knew where we were going!

The pond is like a mirror and you’re asked to look at your reflexion and ask yourself what do you see? How do you see yourself? Well not gonna lie, I just saw me. Just me being me and looking at my reflexion. You’re asked to observe yourself. Notice what you like and maybe don’t like. Notice what you feel without judging or controlling anything. After a few minutes your unicorn asks you to take your eyes off the pond and relax your soul. This is where it got weird again…so I was stood comfortably in front of Jasper and close enough so I could feel his presence with my eyes closed. I then automatically envisioned a bright white like covering me whilst Jasper watched and the lady then says “its horn is now right above your crown chakra and it is pouring white and golden light all around you”. It spooked me slightly because again I felt like I had almost predicted it. Whether it was because I have done several meditations before and at some point I always imagine a bright white light coming from my crown chakra or whether I was taping into my abilities or whatever, I don’t know! But it spooked me slightly! Once the crown chakra was done we then moved onto my third eye and all the power was coming from Jaspers horn and I could feel my whole body warm up and the tingling sensation I had on my third eye was powerful! Very powerful! We focused on my third eye for a few minutes and then moved onto my heart chakra and I was filled with a caring and loving feeling. It was truly beautiful. I could feel my heart slowly open like a flower blossoming and I could feel the love radiating from it.

It was then time to say goodbye to Jasper as I returned to the physical realm and I felt extremely grateful for having the honour of meeting him. I began to wriggle my hands and feet, did a long full body stretch and opened my eyes with a huge smile on my face. It was such a beautiful and pleasant meditation experience and it was something I wasn’t expecting but it really touched me! Maybe it’s because I am a horse lover, maybe it won’t touch everyone the same way it got to me but I would recommend trying it out! It lasted about 60 minutes and you have the option of either waking up afterwards or carrying on to fall asleep but I don’t really have anything negative to say about it! The experience has definitely guided me down my spiritual pathway a bit more and I think I need to tap into my abilities and mind more than what I already do.

You can find the link for the meditation by clicking here.

If you have a chance, try it out!

Sending love and light to you all,

Emma xo

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