Saturday Night – Me Time!

Me time is something I have weekly, if not daily. It’s a time for me to connect with myself, live in the moment and relax. Saturday evening I had the best me time I have ever had!

I’ve been home alone most of the weekend. Mum went on a trip to Wales and my brother was on a day sesh in Manchester for the England match (It’s coming home). By the afternoon I was by myself. I absolutely love being in the house on my own. I like my own space. When my family are home, I consider my bedroom to be my only space but when I’m home alone I feel I have access to the whole house to roam around and be free. I can listen to music however loud I want. I can sing and dance around the house and I can bake cakes without being disturbed. I can talk to myself because lets face it, we sometimes have better conversations with ourselves than others. Or is that just me…?

That evening my friend Z offered to get me a Chinese take away delivered to my house. Obviously I took him up on that offer. Can’t refuse a Chinese! I started preparing myself for the evening ahead. I had a shower and got into my comfiest pj’s. I decided with the weather being so warm and dry, an evening in the garden was what I needed. So I brought my blankets down, cushions, my massive penguin (Who’s called Mumble) and set everything up. I got our garden fire going, got myself a drink and then my take away arrived 20 minutes early!! How amazing!! I took it all out into the garden, lit some citrus candles so no bugs would bother me and tucked in. Oh my gosh, it was beautiful! The food was amazing. I ordered spring rolls, sweet and sour chicken, noodles and salt and pepper chips! The spring rolls were the best part! After that I was pretty much too fat to move so I just sat there watching the fire.


As the night started to creep in, I relocated from our patio seating to the grass. I knew exactly how I wanted my evening to be. So I moved all the cushions, blankets and mumble onto the grass. I placed them close enough to the fire for it to keep me warm, but not close enough so I would melt. I put my glasses on, lay back and the sky was covered in stars. I had a joint rolled ready for this moment. Barney came and lay by my side, the neighbourhood was peaceful and I felt all my tension slip away. That was how I wanted to spend my me time. I love space. Anything to do with stars, planets or the universe I find fascinating. Just being lay there, watching the stars on a summer evening really soothed my soul. I designed this me time especially for me. It suited me perfectly and that’s the whole point of it! Take time out and design that time so its tailored to you. Think about what relaxes you, helps keep you calm or makes you happy. In our busy lives we often forget to really pamper ourselves but as soon as the word pamper is brought up, we assume it’ll cost us! It doesn’t have to cost anything to treat yourself! You shouldn’t need to buy materialistic things to make yourself feel better. Reconnect with your soul, heal old wounds and look after yourself.

I stayed in my garden till about 1:15am and it was the best evening I’ve ever had by myself. Granted, I was pretty high but it’s amazing what your body can tell you when you really zone out of the real world.

Treat yourself to some me time. It can work wonders trust me.

Sending love and light to you all,

Emma xo

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