Be Free – Go Commando!

I love being naked, I feel comfortable and free whilst naked, however I can’t exactly leave my house naked, so when it came to feeling comfortable and free out in public I decided to ditch the underwear.

I’ve been going bra less now for about 3/4 years, however, if I absolutely have to wear a bra then it will either be a sports bra or a wireless mesh bra as they are just so much more comfier. I don’t have the smallest of boobs so I’ve grown up thinking that because of my boob size, I have to wear a bra. WRONG! So, so wrong. It’s my body and I know what makes me comfortable, confident and free therefore I am going to do whatever makes me comfortable, confident and free. I reached a point where I just thought fuck this, one evening after I had finished work, I un-hooked my bra, flung it on the floor and did a massive sigh of relief and ever since then I haven’t looked back. There were times where I did think going braless was ‘wrong’ because god forbid if your nipples get stiff! Can I just say that WE ARE ALL HUMANS and WE ALL HAVE NIPPLES, just because mine are attached to boobs does not make them any different and it does not change me as a person.

The first few times I went braless in public it was daunting. It was pretty easy to notice the people who very openly stared at my breasts whilst I walked by, which I don’t really care about but when you suffer from anxiety it did make me paranoid every so often and it did lead to some panic attacks, I just had to keep reminding myself that its my body, my choice and it works for me so fuck everybody else. There were times where the paranoia did get the better of me so I went bra shopping as I had seen online these wireless bras that looked pretty comfortable so I went and bought a couple and they actually are very comfortable. There’s no padding, no wire and depending on the design, no hook. These are my favourite types of bras, no fuss, no hassle and no wires. You’re comfortable, and you can still feel a bit of freedom.

When I decided to ditch the wire bras I was working with horses so I had a physically demanding job but during winter I’d go bra less. I’m a warm body so braless in winter wasn’t a big deal, but when it came to summer I found it harder and more uncomfortable getting certain jobs done without having the support there. I didn’t ever want to go back to wire bras so I bought myself a few sports bras. Some sports bras really strapped the girls in which left me feeling suffocated, so I opted for some with a slightly lower cut to still give them and me some breathing space. Don’t get me wrong they were supportive and did help with my work, but when it comes to horse riding they were fairly useless. So please, if anyone knows a good sports bra or brand, let me know! The downside I got from wearing sports bras was the boob sweat, urgh god, so much boob sweat and when it came to the end of the day I felt pretty grim wearing such a sweat absorbed bra that I couldn’t wait to take it off.

Going braless in public has resulted in many awkward social situations, cars beeping, boys shouting/whistling or women giving me the dirtiest looks ever and I just wonder why? We all have nipples? Why is it such a massive deal if a female wants to go braless? Does it mean she is showing off her nipples? NOT ALWAYS!! I’m not purposely showing off my nipples, but I’ll admit I do have some tops and dresses that are designed to flaunt and show off boobs/nipples and there is nothing wrong with that! Women’s nipples in particular have been sexualized over the years and it’s frustrating, it’s a reason that put me off going braless in the first place and it’s a reason that prevented me from being comfortable and free in my own skin. A few days ago I saw a post of Facebook that a friend posted asking people whether they rate/hate the Swarovski crystal dress Rihanna wore back in 2014 and the amount of people (mostly women) that commented against it shocked me, but to me it proves how much people believe women’s nipples are a sexual object. What’s shocking is how many women believe this! Women who might have breastfed their own children or women who feel more comfortable braless.

After I ditched the bras, it wasn’t long till I ditched the knickers. I started off with just going commando every other day and at first it was very weird, comfy, but weird. I felt almost on show in a way. When it came to going for a wee I had to make sure I thoroughly dried everywhere to avoid any dribble (don’t lie ladies, I know you’ve all been there). It’s been about 2/3 years since I completely ditched the knickers. I reached a point where I got fed up as getting back/front wedges, knicker lines whilst wearing a dress, being paranoid about your clothes being see through and the whole world seeing your underwear, urgh sod that. It was more stress that I just didn’t need and could easily eliminate from my life. Obviously there will come a time where I absolutely have to wear knickers (as much as I hate it), but the first moment I get to ditch them again and they are off. I remember the first time I told some friends that I wasn’t wearing knickers and I hadn’t done for a long time and they were shocked and some seemed slighted disgusted. Why? I don’t know, I don’t understand why you would feel that way about going commando. It’s healthier and comfier for you, I don’t really see any downsides to it, but it was something they couldn’t quite get used to, but that never changed what I wanted to do. They had their opinions and they are right to have them, but it didn’t change anything. No negativity or judgement could change the freedom and comfort I felt.

Going commando was a lot less daunting than going bra less as I think going braless is a lot more obvious to others whether you point it out or not, which for me did trigger my anxiety sometimes, however going commando is something that only you really know unless you tell someone else, it’s like having your own secret. Part of me wishes I would have done it the other way round and gone commando first and then braless but I don’t regret any of it. Looking back I’d say making the choice to go braless was the first choice I had ever made where I put myself, my health and my comfort. It’s a choice I made quite spontaneously and I’m glad I made it. Sure, I still get judgemental comments from others along with some dirty stares but none of that matters to me anymore. I’m comfy and confident and I’m not gonna let anyone’s opinions or comments change that. The only thing I miss is underwear shopping 😦

If you are thinking of ditching the underwear. Do it. I highly doubt it is a choice you would regret.

Sending my love to you all,

Emma xo


2 thoughts on “Be Free – Go Commando!

  1. Good on you girl, do what makes you comfortable if you have to wear a bra wear a sports bra. My wife has not worn a bra for years she say’s it is more comfortable without one, and if you worry about people seeing your nipples then wear some patches over them.
    Life is too short to worry about what people think, do what makes you comfortable.


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