Fat Day!

Normally fat day is a weekend day, but this week me and Z mixed it up and we decided to go for breakfast at Café North in Manchester.

IMG_9574Breakfast consisted of 2 waffles topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled in chocolate sauce! Along with a mixture of summer fruits which included strawberries, bananas and blue berries. Oh my. It was amazing!! Considering I’ve never had waffles before (shocker, I know) I demolished every part of the meal except for the mint leaf and a few blue berries. It was the perfect way to start a day!

Fat day is a weekly tradition for me and Z. It gives us a chance to catch up and pig out on food. We like to try somewhere different each week. Mix it up with a few healthy places every now and again because sometimes it takes me a while to recover from a fat day. Todays fat day was a good one and not just because of the food. It had been about 3 weeks since I last saw Z so it was great to have a chat, laugh and a moan about life’s stresses. We discussed my holiday, Z’s work plans and what colour taxi we would own. It gave us a chance to get out of the house, stretch our legs and get some fresh air. We are both guilty of people watching. I sometimes find people watching more interesting than the person I might be with so there are normally moments where me and Z zone out and we just watch the world go by. People going about their days whilst we think about what they might do for a living, what car they drive or whether they drive at all. It gives us a chance to create stories in our heads. Z also has his own blog which you can find here. He’s been around the world, seen a few countries, eaten a lot of food and watched a lot of sports so there is a bit of everything on there! Not to mention he is an amazing writer!

The perks of having a fat day every week is it gives me something to look forward to or something I can plan and organise myself. Whether we are going to a fancy restaurant for steak or just heading down to Krispy Kreme for doughnuts, every week is different and it provides excitement in my life. It gives us a chance to try out different restaurants and explore different foods. It was an idea I came up with a few months ago. Since I started to clean my diet up I found whenever I ate something that was considered unhealthy, I was riddled with guilt and regret but I was kinda missing the unhealthy food. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t ever go back to a diet filled with mostly unhealthy crap, but every now and again I was missing the pizzas, chips or snacks. Before I cleaned my diet up I was near enough always eating crap which made me feel horrible and insecure, but when I was eating healthier I felt healthier (which was kinda my aim) but I realised that the ‘healthy food world’ also made me slightly insecure. I had these friends who were always clean eating and they spoke about pizza, take aways or other unhealthy food as though it was made by Satan and I couldn’t relate to them. I love all food. I like a balance of healthy and unhealthy and I need that balance to function. If I want some ice cream, I’m gonna have some ice cream. I don’t want people around me who are going to make me feel bad for eating what I god damn want. No. Take your negativity and please go away. I realise that there is a point people can reach where the food they consume can cause terrible health issues. Now I’m not self-centred but I’d like to think I’m not at that point so why do people feel the need to say to me “Your figure would look amazing if you really cracked down on your diet” or “You could look like this” or even “Do you really want to eat all that” YES. Yes I fucking do. I think the most common thing people say to me is “Your body results would be a lot quicker and better if you controlled what you eat” I DO NOT WANT TO BE CONTROLLED. Please, just because you live one way, does not mean everyone else should follow. I know if I did really crack down on my diet my body would probably look very different from it does now and my results would be a lot quicker but that’s not the point. I want to be happy. I have never been able to stick to diets because they just frustrate me and end up making me feel 10 times shitter. Since I took my diet into my own hands I have been a lot happier and I have learnt what foods make me bloat, make me fuller and what foods make me feel all that tension slide away. Cleaning my diet up myself has helped me remain in charge of what I eat. It’s helped me recognise when I’m comfort eating, suffering with cravings or eating out of pure boredom. My journey with my diet has been something I have done by myself and I would not have changed it. I wouldn’t class my diet as balanced but it works for my body, my health and my mind. Its given me a chance to really get to know my own body and to be able to listen to it! When it comes to fat days now, I feel absolutely no guilt or regret.

If you haven’t started your own weekly fat day, I would highly advise that you do whether you have a healthy fat day or an unhealthy fat day. It’s perfect for wanting that balance in your diet and it gives you something to look forward to.

For now, I’m gonna love you and leave you.

I hope you all treat yourselves and enjoy your fat days!

Lots of love,

Emma xo


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