The Podcasts That Helped Me

Podcasts never really interested me up until around a few months ago. To me, if I was going to listen to something whilst cooking, cleaning, driving, working etc, it had to be music, but when I was going through a personally challenging time, a good friend of mine recommended a podcast to me. At first I wasn’t keen on listening to someone elses voice and rambling words, however I was pretty fucking desperate for some guidance and I swear down, the podcast awoke a part of me that had been dormant for a while.

The podcast is called Rise & Conquer and it is by Georgie Stevenson. It’s a self-help type of podcast in which she talks about all things relating to womens health, relationships, habits, spirituality, money, career and so much more. The first episode I listened to, Georgie discusses how to find pleasure in your life with a guest speaker called Monica Yates (I will get into her podcast later) and wow, afterwards I felt that I had learnt so much about myself and how I work from the inside out. The discussion is about masculine and feminine energies, what they mean, how to tap into them and how you can use the energies to create more pleasure in your life.

I’ve continued to listen to Georgie’s podcasts and have binged through a lot of of her episodes, and my top recommendations have got to be:

Feminine As F*ck is by a lady who goes by the name of Monica Yates. She says it how it is, doesn’t hold back, empathises, informs and gives no bullshit. She is a womens life and period coach and I absolutely recommend her podcast to any woman out there struggling with their female health, traumas, relationships, confidence and finding their femininity. She has episodes for both men and women and I just love listening to them, I love how she talks and everything she talks about makes sense. As I have mostly been working through the traumas of my previous relationship over the past few months, it all impacted my bodily functions, emotions, libido and confidence. I was very hard on myself throughout this period, and I tried to force myself into feeling better and doing things that my body and mind just didn’t want to do, but I couldn’t fully understand why I wasn’t getting back to how I used to be. Her episodes helped me understand how traumas, our life experiences and emotions not only impact our mental health but also our hormones and bodily functions. The change in me was completely natural considering what I was going through in therapy and in my life, forcing myself to be better was actually only making me feel worse.

Not only is her podcast a must listen to, but I would also recommend her Instagram and her website which contains some very tasty recipes!

My absolute episode recommendations are:

She Was The Fire is a podcast by Courtney Mangan who’s mindset and life was changed when doctors diagnosed her with stage 4 cancer, and that’s when she began to focus on herself and everything to do with her life. Her health, lifestyle, diet, productivity, work, she changed it all, and it was all for the better. It’s a very personal podcast in which she shares an insight into her life, the good and bad, her health, her wins and her failures. This was another podcast recommended by the same friend and I have found it very useful with helping me tap into my female boss energy. My favourite episodes of hers to listen to are the ones relating to work, productivity, procrastinating and motivating yourself to get your jobs done. Her episodes are not only motivating themselves, but she breaks down how to get motivated, how to do more and how to prioritise. She tells you what has worked for her, what hasn’t and all other tips/tricks she can recommend. In each episode you can feel her ray of sunshine come through and offer you some help.

My recommendations of She Was The Fire are:

Betrayal Trauma Recovery is another podcast that really helped me out. Throughout this course of therapy I have discovered the truths and realities of my previous relationship, the traumas, understanding of what happened and why and it all completely fried me. There was a point where I couldn’t tell the difference between what was real and what was fake and it was effecting my relationship with my boyfriend, work colleagues, friends and family. I pushed myself away from everyone because I genuinely did not know if they actually cared, if whatever they told me was true, whether everything they did was a way of manipulating me and their way of trying to control me. I was searching the internet at any time I could to try and understand if how I was acting was normal and I couldn’t really find a answer until I discovered this podcast. This podcast helped me realise that I am not on my own when it comes to recovering from the type of relationship I was in, it helped me realise that I did not encourage any of his behaviours and I was actually the victim, not him.

It’s a tough podcast to listen to, and I now don’t listen to it as often as I did, but if you have been abused in any way and you’re needing some help, I would recommend this. The episodes that helped me were:

Mindful In Minutes offers many different guided meditations to suit whatever mood, struggle or barrier you are facing. When it comes to guided meditations, I can be quite picky as I need to make sure that the background music and the guides voice is soothing enough for me to be able to meditate to, and this podcast suites me perfectly. The meditations vary between just a few minutes long and anything up to around 20 minutes, and you also have so many to choose from. The meditations that I have been mostly trying out are those to help me with anxiety, a busy mind, calm breathing and finding positivity.

My favourite meditations of this podcast are:

All podcasts can be found on Spotify and they are all there to help you in any way they can.

I hope this helps you to find some guidance like it did with me.

Sending love to you all,

Emma xo