Eating Or Smoking?

Cannabis can be consumed via numerous ways but the most common two are smoking and eating and to those who have done both will know that they affect you very differently.

How cannabis is absorbed has a huge impact on how it effects you. When you smoke weed the THC travels directly to the brain which is why you get stoned faster but for shorter periods of time, however when you ingest weed it gets metabolised in the stomach and liver. Here it gets converted into 11-hydroxy-THC which is a lesser known cannabinoid but it is one that is able to cross the blood to brain barrier efficiently. This is why edibles (food made with cannabis) can take anything from 30 minutes to two hours to have a effect on you and the effect seems way more stronger than when you smoke weed and because it can take a while for the high to kick in, people mistake the edibles for not working, take some more and are then hit with an even bigger high (a mistake I made in Amsterdam).

So the effect of eating edibles seems stronger but is it actually? Turns out it isn’t. You actually get more cannabinoids through smoking weed than ingesting it. Eating edibles introduces only 10-20% of THC and other cannabinoids to your bloodstream whereas smoking introduces 50-60% but because smoking allows the cannabinoids to go straight to your brain the effect is a lot quicker but wears off a lot faster than ingesting. On average though, the overall duration of the high from smoking is around 2-4 hours whereas if you ate an edible the high can last as long as 10 hours.

But which is healthier for you? Well it kinda falls down to your own preferances. Some people don’t like the thought of smoking, which is completely understandable. Smoking can damage the lungs as well as cause other health problems whether it be from weed, tobacco or just a wood fire. So the idea of ingesting marijuana seems more desirable. But then of course some argue that when you eat edibles you are consuming extra calories, fats and so on which is true, but you can make waaaayyy more cannabis infused food than just brownies or cakes. There are healthier ways of smoking weed such as vaporizing but the options for cannabis infused healthy meals is almost endless.

It’s helpful to know that you can’t overdose on cannabis (no matter what form it is in) but you can have a bad experience if you aren’t thoughtful of how much you consume, especially with edibles. With edibles patience is key when it comes to avoiding getting too high. With smoking, keep track on how much you smoke and what you smoke. Figure out what strains might be too much and know your limits.

If you do happen to get higher than you had planned, it could be helpful to know how to reduce your buzz:

  • Hydrate. Staying hydrated is the best way to detoxify your body. Being high can give you a dry mouth so even if you are at a comfortable high it is helpful to still stay hydrated.
  • Rest. What better way to pass some time and reduce the high by taking a nap? Or just by resting up in a quiet area. Find a spot where you can comfortably chill out or nap. Napping is a great at taking the edge off but you can sometimes wake up feeling groggy. Sometimes a bit like you have a weed hangover. If you are unable to fall asleep just relax. Stay calm, stick on your favourite tv show, movie or playlist and chill out till you feel like you have your spring back!
  • Distract Yourself. Focusing on how high you are won’t help you to feel better. Distract your mind. Try colouring, playing a game, listening to music or something else that provides you with positive thoughts/feelings.
  • CBD. For many CBD can counteract the high that THC gives you. CBD can come in many different forms so even just a few drops of the oil on your tongue could be what you need to reduce your high.
  • Exercise. Exercise can be anything from intense activity or just going for a walk. Being outside in the fresh air can help you feel more awake and get your blood pumping. Probably best to stay in places familiar to you, that way you can avoid getting paranoid or anxious. But of course if you are a little too high to go outside then maybe try some stretches in the comfort of your bedroom or crack open your window and let the air flow through!

Look after yourselves!

Sending my love,

Emma xo