Social Media Clear Out

Sometimes we need a clear out. Whether it be in our homes, in our social groups or on social media. I love a good clear out. It can sometimes be hard to find the motivation, especially if it’s one of your first clear outs but urgh the feeling you get afterwards is the best.

I like to have a social media clear out every 6 months or so. I usually start with Instagram as it’s one of the easiest to sort through. I sometimes use apps other apps to help me out as I am motivated but still lazy. Apps allow you to see your followers and who you are following but you can unfollow people or pages without actually going on their pages, clicking unfollow then going back to your page and starting from the top again. In the end it saves you a lot of time and effort.

I like Instagram but I also know how much it can effect your personality and how you see yourself/life which is why I think it is important to have a proper good clear out every now and again. I used to follow shit loads of pages about weight loss, healthy lifestyles and celebrities I didn’t really admire. I used to go through phases of wanting to change my life around, lose shit loads of weight and tone up so I followed all these pages to try and keep me motivated. Needless to say it didn’t work and I ended up following more pages relating to weight loss, fitness and how a slim toned body leads to more confidence and a happier life. Didn’t half fill my head with a load of bullshit. I unfollowed almost all of those pages. I unfollowed people that I don’t really know/speak to anymore, people who’s uploads bored or annoyed me, people who upload negative shit and numerous celebrities that I really don’t admire. Overall I unfollowed around 100-200 pages and it felt great!!

Over time our interests change. I now follow pages about travel, nature, yoga, meditation, body confidence and people who inspire me to be me. People who have an empowering message to share. I think our social media accounts have a bigger impact on our lives than we realise. A good Instagram clear out could be what you need and even if you don’t need it, it feels so good to unfollow shit loads of people.

Facebook comes next. This one is a lot more effort for me which is why I don’t do it as much as Instagram. Every now and again I’ll scroll down my newsfeed and come across people who share/post things that just piss me off. I reach a point where I get so fucking fed up of seeing their shit, I just hit that delete button. Boom, immediate relief. My last Facebook clear out I deleted 400 people. Holy fuck it felt good. Took me a good hour or so but urgh it was good. So worth it. It’s such a refreshing feeling but I’ll admit finding the motivation to have the clear out can be difficult but once you get your first few deletes done you get into it.

Don’t forget about those stupid pages you still follow from your high school days. Yes you know those embarrassing ‘Like if you fancy someone’ type of pages. You don’t have to unfollow them if you don’t want to of course, I’m just saying I unfollowed a lot of those pages. I’m not in high school any more nor do I still have the mindset I had in high school. I personally just don’t want my high school days to reflect on who I am now. I’m a completely different person now.
Still tagged in pictures that you hate? Un-tag yourself. Still got that pointless check in post your mum tagged you in on your timeline. Remove it? Trust me it feels so fucking good! It’s a proper good tidy up without doing any physical work. It’s a good way to spend a free day if you have no plans. It’s good clear out for your mind as well.

Snapchat I don’t often clear out. I don’t really watch peoples stories (unless any of my 4 friends post something). Having peoples stories unwatched used to drive me crazy but eventually I reached a point where watching them was just pointless. Don’t get me wrong, I still post on my snapchat story but I’m way past the point of giving a shit about the amount of views or who watches it. Like, really who the fuck cares? It’s more out of habit than anything else.

Twitter I don’t even have and I don’t want Twitter either. Having 3 social media accounts is enough for me. I reckon my Facebook account will be gone in the next 18 months or so (if my mum allows me to delete it that is…). Facebook is the worst. It used to be alright but it’s just gone to shit now and I think it’s so dodgey. Looking forward to the day I can happily deactivate my account or the day Facebook completely goes down.

If you feel like you’re in need of some social media refreshment in your life, have a clear out!! You honestly will not regret it.

Stay positive,

Emma xo