Meeting Your Unicorn – Part 2

A few moments ago I finished a guided meditation. It’s been a while since I have done a meditation during the middle of the day. I prefer meditating in the evening as it helps me drift off to sleep with a clear and refreshed mind.

I’ve done this meditation a few times in the past and I love it (Meeting Your Unicorn). It’s like a treat to myself. I like to do it every few months or so, or whenever I feel like I need some guidance from my inner self. To me it’s a meditation that doesn’t need to be done on a regular basis. This meditation guides you and offers you some sort of advice (well it does for me but it could offer you something different). I like to leave the meditation gaining some knowledge on myself and the path I am walking down and the message I receive sticks in the back of my head which I sometimes use it to make decisions for the next few months. When I start to feel like I have lost my way slightly or I just feel like I need a bit of guidance this is my go to meditation. It can be found on Spotify and you can find it by clicking here.

My unicorn is called Jasper and he is gorgeous. Looks like your standard unicorn of course but he radiates purity, positivity and love. Today I didn’t have anything to ask Jasper, I just wanted to listen to him and hear what he had to say to me. He gave me a lot of advice…

He kept telling me to be true to myself. This is something that I need practise with. I’m more true to myself now than I ever have been but there is still part of me that hides away. My personality alters depending on who I am with. I’m never fully 100% myself with anyone. My blog has definitely helped me become more true to myself however I feel I am at a point now where my blog can no longer do that. The rest is up to me. I am at a point now where I know who I want to spend time with and knowing that will hopefully help me relax and just be me. If I’m spending time with close friends/family then there is no need to still hide a part of me away. Progress is slow for me but it’s still progress. In the past 12 months I have come a long way in terms of recognising myself. There is no rush for me to be myself therefore I am going to take my time, gain knowledge and ease into it. Baby steps.

Next week I start my first solo trip. My trip will take me to Bali and then to Cairns. I feel Bali is going to be a big stepping stone for me. My anxiety has warned me about solo travelling but I’m not paying it any attention. Bali is going to be a time where I can fully connect to myself. No distractions, no people just me in my own space. I’ll be out exploring for the majority of the day but my down time will be focused on me. Practising meditation, exercising, relaxing and all that. I can’t help but feel Bali is where I am going to really get to know and explore myself. I won’t have the influence of other peoples energy, opinions or auras around me. I won’t know anyone there at all and that’s what gets me excited.

When I was in Australia I bought myself a variety of crystals. During my travels and the flights the crystals did get bashed around a bit which made me decide to leave them here as I carry on with my journey however Jasper advised me to take them. He told me they could come in handy during anxious times, meditating or if I am in need of some relaxation.

There is something about this meditation that keeps me coming back to it and surprisingly it is not the unicorn. When Jasper speaks to me it’s like my brain/consciousness is speaking to me. I know it’s not a unicorn (sadly they aren’t real) but there is a voice that is speaking to me and it speaks truth. It knows what I am going through and what I need to do. For me this meditation really gets into my head and it feels like it helps my voice get past all the anxiety, decision, opinions and confusion. My voice is then able to reach me at a point where I am able to listen and understand. I’m able to take the advice from my inner self.

The meditation is very soothing and relaxing but it’s great for day time or night time use. It’s about 45-60 minutes long and personally I think is best done whilst lying down (but I don’t like meditating whilst sitting). If you feel like you need some advice or guidance give it a try. Even if you don’t get much from it at least you can say you have done some meditation.

Sending love and light to you all,

Emma xo