Pink Full Moon

So Good Friday was blessed with a full moon. It lit up the night sky to let everyone know that it was time for renewal. Time to get rid of any negativity and embrace positivity.


My evening started off with a gong meditation class. I’ve never done a meditation class before but my mum had been to this class once before so she had an idea of what was going on. We took our yoga mats, pillows and blankets and went to this temple not far from where we live. It was quite beautiful. Had a lovely relaxing atmosphere. Once we were all settled the meditation began. Roughly the first 15 minutes or so of the meditation was great, it was going better than I thought it would. The vibration of the gongs was incredibly powerful. The meditation wasn’t guided so I just went with whatever flowed in my head. My meditation started off with me in my happy place, then switched to the moon. All my focus was on this full moon and the light it was radiating shining on me. I wasn’t completely zoned out though. I was aware that I was physically still in a room with more than 20 people there as well. It knocked my concentration. I could hear people shuffling around on their mats, the odd cough every now and again. I kept my eyes closed and tried to focus on the moon again. Not long after I could hear kids playing outside and I could hear people in the temple kitchen and by this point I was done with the meditation. My back became so sore from lying on the floor and I was unsettled. I was done. I lay there for another 20-30 minutes or so just listening to the gongs. The gongs I loved, they are so powerful but the group meditation isn’t for me. I need to be somewhere I feel safe, comfortable and I can just drift off to sleep afterwards if I want. I need my earphones in so I can put all my focus on the meditation. I will definitely be trying some gong meditations though.

After the meditation I was pretty chilled out and relaxed. I felt fresher in a way so I decided to do my card reading. I went for the new moon reading which involves drawing 7 cards with each card having it’s own meaning. I felt like I needed more than just my standard 2 card reading.
Card number 1 relates to survival, money, tangible assets and work.
Card 2 is intimate relationships, family dynamics, friendships and your tribe.
Card 3: Personal power, self worth and how you show up in the world.
Card 4: Deeper connections to life, healing past patterns, and support for overall wellbeing and happiness.
Card 5: Communication, being heard, owning your voice and how you say you are to others.
Card 6: Imagination, vision and creativity.
Card 7: Intuition, spirituality and your relationship to the higher power.

These are the cards I got:
57644624_2005938523048903_5777009344180649984_n.jpgFor me the most interesting cards were canary spirit (card number 1), dove spirit (card number 3) and vulture spirit (card number 4). Vulture spirit especially. The card is all about seeing your past, accepting your past and taking life lessons from those experiences. Accepting your past leads to valuable lessons, wisdom and strength.

After my card reading I thought it was best to do another meditation. This time I could have my earphones in and I would be in the comfort of my own bedroom and in my own bed. I decided to go for a Spotify meditation by Michael Sealey. He’s one of my favourites to listen to. He’s got a deep yet soothing voice which makes his guided meditations perfect to do before drifting off to sleep. I decided to go for a positive energy healing meditation, it was the perfect time to renew myself with some positivity.

As with any meditation you start off with some deep breathing to help you relax. I had never done this meditation before so I didn’t know what to expect but it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. I was somewhat expecting him to say positive affirmations to me (which I have tried before and wasn’t a fan) but he didn’t. He guides you to a natural Earth where only you exists. You’re transported to such a beautiful place you instantly feel happier and more uplifted. Another part of the meditation involves a mountain, this mountain is where all your inner strength is. Honestly it was so weird, as I was looking at the mountain I felt stronger and more powerful. The meditation is around 40 minutes and I would recommend it. It was great to do before I went to sleep and I went to sleep feeling lighter, uplifted and woke up feeling surprisingly positive. If you want to try out the meditation you can by clicking here.

There are plenty of meditations on Spotify, YouTube and even more apps to download. Meditation has so many positive benefits and can be done where and whenever. Make it a goal to try to meditate at least once a week. Over time practise makes perfect and you could discover more about yourself and find a new way to pass time or chill out!

Sending love and light to you all,

Emma xo

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