Indica Or Sativa?

There are two major types of cannabis plants called Indica and Sativa. The words ‘indica’ and ‘sativa’ were first introduced in the 18th century to describe different species of cannabis. They each have different appearances and very different effects when used.


Indica plants are bushy, short and have wide leaves. They typically grow faster and shorter (roughly under 6 foot) than sativa plants. Indicas have lower levels of THC and higher levels of CBD. Medical marijuana (of any form) contains high levels of CBD.
Indica strains are ideal if you’re really in need of some relaxation. Indicas help relieve pains, aches, inflammations, spasms and seizures as well as stimulating your appetite, aiding sleep, reducing anxiety and stress.
Some of the more popular indica strains are:
– Northern Lights
– Afghan Kush
– Blue Cheese
– Purple Kush
– Big Bud

Below I have used graphs that provide you with a better idea of how each strains effects you (graphs are from Leafly). Effects are obviously how the strains might effect you. Effects are different for indica strains and sativa strains. As Sativa strains contain more THC (the psychoactive component) they will give you more of a brain high. Indicas have lower levels of THC and higher levels of CBD and it’s CBD that gives you the all over relaxation, pain relief or mood boost.

Northern Lights for example has a high rating of relieving stress, helping you relax but can leave you with a dry mouth.

Below is Afghan Kush’s feedback graph.

Now lets take a look at some sativa strains. Sativa plants have thinner leaves grow taller and take longer to grow. Sativas are THC dominant. Some popular sativa strains are:
– Jack Herer
– Amnesia
– Maui
– Willie Nelson
– Sour Diesel

Below are the graphs for Jack Herer.

And here are the graphs for Sour Diesel.

There is also a third category called Hybrids. Hybrids are a nice balance of THC and CBD. They contain a mixture of sativa and indica genetics and characteristics. A wide majority of strains are now hybrids. As the market expands, so do the variety of strains. Hybrids are a result of either crossbreeding pure strains or other hybrids to make a new strain. Some hybrid strains are:
– Pineapple Express
– Stardawg
– Blue Dream
– White Widow
– Snoop’s Dream

Below are the graphs for Pineapple Express.

Here are the graphs or Stardawg.


There is a lesser known category called the Ruderalis. These plants are native to Central/Eastern Europe, Asia and Russia. They have thick, stocky stems and usually grow to about 1-2.25m and they are known as auto-flowering. This means they will automatically flower, whatever condition/environment they are in, which means they can be quite popular as they are fairly easy to grow, flower within 21-30 days of vegetation and are ready to harvest at 70-110 days after seeding. It was considered as a ‘wild breed’ of cannabis but in recent years it has been used within the marijuana market to influence hybrids. So if you hear about a autoflowering strain, it has been crossbred with a ruderalis at some point.
Some autoflowering strains are:
– Purple Cheese
– Red Dwarf
– 3 Bears OG
– Ginger Punch
– Easy Bud

These are Purple Cheese’s graphs.

Below are Red Dwarfs graphs.


Pretty cool right! Well that’s all for now!

Sending my love,

Emma xo

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