Ooh Ahh Ibiza!

Ahhh Ibiza. A place filled with sun, sand and music…a lot of music.

Ibiza is somewhere that truly holds a place in my heart. I’ve been a few times now and it’s a place I’d say you have to go at least once in your life. Whether you go to the party side of the island or the ever more scenic side, you’ll be amazed at how beautiful this small island is.

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I’ve always been a lover of ‘Ibiza music’ (house, trance, dance etc) and I can remember the first time my brother came back from his holiday in Ibiza and he was buzzing, practically dead, but still buzzing. I knew it was somewhere I just had to go, it was like a goal for me. I had to go and listen to the music on the biggest party island in the world. I just had to go. When I was 19 me and a group of my friends went and I just fell in love with the island. I went back in 2016 and again in 2017, loved the place.

I’ve only ever really been to Ibiza for the endless alcohol, sunshine and music. As soon as you land you know you’re on holiday, all your troubles have been left back home and you can let loose. You soon meet plenty of people who are there for the same reasons and you just bond. You make friends by the pool whilst you’re all hanging out your arse (or still off your tits), you buzz over your love of dj’s, clubs and events, you get to know people. Then when you’re in the clubs the whole atmosphere is euphoric. There’s no ‘dancing’ in my eyes. Everyone just seems to bob along with the beat and the whole club will prepare for the drop and then boom! It drops and everyone loses their shit! Mental, love it. Ibiza brings out the social butterfly in me. Suddenly talking to complete strangers in the hotel, by the pool or in clubs is practically effortless. I don’t really have to worry about the conversation. I’ve made a lot of friends in Ibiza but of course as soon as you’re back home you go back to your normal life. I’ve drifted away from those friends but if one day this post reaches them just know that I have been wishing you all the best!

When I returned home after my first trip to Ibiza I made the mistake of saying that I would return to work the day after…was not a good idea, terrible idea in fact. Needless to say the second time round I booked an extra day off after I got home. I spent the whole day in bed. Back in 2017 I landed from Ibiza the day before I head off to the biggest dance festival in the UK, Creamfields. Our flight home was in the early hours of the day so we decided to stay in for the night, so we stayed in and then got absolutely mortal.

We finished our packing about 5 hours before we were due to fly out. By this point we had about a 4 hour party in our room along with other people from the hotel joining, everyone and everything was covered in glow stick paint and I had completely smashed my phone but we had a great time and that’s all that matters right…
We arrived at the airport surprisingly on time, still off our tits and ready to go home. We had about 3 hours to wait so of course we took a quick nap in the airport. After what felt like only an hour we were rudely awoken by a airline staff member and told we had missed our flight and our suitcases were downstairs. Brilliant! Neither of us had money and there were no other direct flights to the UK on that day. My friend had work the next day and I had to get to Creamfields of course! So I rang my mum, woke her up at 3 in the morning and told her we were stranded we not a penny to our name. I’m so glad she laughed at us. Eventually we ended up getting a flight to Barcelona and then Barcelona to Birmingham. My friends parents picked us up from the airport and took me back to Cheshire to where my mum was waiting for me to take me back to Manchester. The day after I was back in Cheshire buzzing away at Creamfields.

Another fond Ibiza memory is the infamous all day sesh I had. We were heading out to DC10 which I was so excited for. Patrick Topping, Jamie Jones and Hot Since 82 were there and I can’t even describe the excitement I was feeling. Like a kid going to maccies. It was a great night and I think we left there about 7:30am the following morning. By this point my mate had had enough of me, so she went back to the hotel room and I went to the cornershop. Not entirely sure why, that part is a bit blurry. In the hotel lobby I bump into a lad who had just crawled in from his night out, made friends with him and chilled in his room with his mates till the evening.

I got back to the hotel room and recieved a bollocking from my mate, had a 2 hour nap and was back out again. It’s none stop in Ibiza, trust me.

I have many fond memories of Ibiza all of which make me feel happy, laugh and somewhat emotional. The music especially. I created a playlist filled with songs that I either heard in Ibiza or remind me a lot of the island (which you can find here). There is just something about the music that gives me a buzz and when you combine the music with the island, wow. You get something you will never ever forget.

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Ibiza is very important to me for a few reasons but it’s somewhere I just love. I’m not the same person as I was back then and my pathway has changed a little since then but I would love to go back to Ibiza again one day. I know there’s still some Ibiza style partying left in me.

Till next time Ibiza,

Sending my love,

Emma xo

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