Super Worm Moon!

So the other evening there was a super worm moon. The last super moon of 2019 and the moon happened to coincide with the equinox. The last time that happened was back in 1905 and won’t happen again till 2144 so I just had to make the most of it with some meditation.

I have the app Insight Timer on my phone (would recommend) and it has thousands of different meditations for any purpose, it’s amazing! For a while I feel like I’ve lost some of my creativity, so I thought what better time to find it again on the night of the super worm moon! Perfect! I climbed into bed, put my ear phones in decided to go for Creative Inspiration Meditation from Chris Cade and Paul Armitage. It was a half hour meditation and it was really pleasant. Very relaxing, I felt the exact moment everything in my body just relaxed. The meditation itself was lovely. Gave me insight into how to spend my free time to really make the most of it. I enjoyed it.

Once I finished my meditation I switched to another trusty app called Oak. It’s a relatively small app but I love it so much. There’s 3 sections, Meditate, Breathe and Sleep. I always listen to their Relaxing Sounds section under Sleep. It’s so good to fall asleep to. You can set a timer (I usually do 4hrs 30mins) and there’s different sounds for you to pick from. I used to use their mindful meditations quite a lot back when my anxiety was troubling me. It’s completely free to use as well which is a bonus!

That night I had the best nights sleep. Didn’t wake up once in the middle of the night and had a lovely lie in the next day which is not common for me! In the morning I like to do my spirit cards. I bought these from a book store in Australia. They just winked at me. I Went in the store looking for something spiritual. When I was a child I adored animals and still do. I saw the cards, took a look at them and loved everything about them. The booklet it came with, the art of the animals on the cards, the different practises and each meaning in detail. There’s a good few paragraphs written about each card along with a protection message which gives you an idea of what you need/want to change or what path to go down. Very good purchase. I’ve been drawing these cards for about 2 months now and I have to say they do amaze me sometimes. I’ve done angel cards for a few years but I’ve found these cards are more suited to me.


I decided to go for a 3 card reading as it had just been the super worm moon of course. The reason I chose a 3 card is because it gives you a different perspective on your life, what you do, your emotions and feelings. In the booklet the cards come with it gives you a few different readings you can do. For the 3 card position each card is an answer to a question.

Question 1 is What is in motion now?
The first picture is a little bit about the card. The second picture is the protection message.

Do I think it answers the question of what is in motion now? Not really. I’d say it explains me pretty well along with my insecurities. I feel it related to me on a level but not the question.

Question 2, What are the underlying hidden influences here?
I drew out the Bobcat Spirit. Life is a mystery.

I took this as a sign that in order to answer some of the questions in my head I need to experience them. It’s nothing something that can be answered with words. To me the card answered the question however I think there could have been a better answer to the question.

Question 3, What do I do now to remain on this path or course in correct alignment of the highest good?
I drew out the Brown Bear Card, take time out.

I came home to get back on track with myself, writing and meditation and so far it’s been good. I’m surprisingly enjoying my time here. I have so much free time, hardly any distractions, not much to see or do and it’s been quite a relaxing experience so far. I’ve drawn the brown bear card out a few times in the past and it was usually when I was struggling with anxiety or stress. It was relatable and I always saw it as a ‘me time’ card but I hadn’t really had some proper, long me time in a while. I had planned my time at home to be my 2 months of me time to really get back on track. I now have the time to focus on myself and do what I want to do.
When I drew the card out I definitely read it a different way to how I have in the past readings. I believe it kinda answers the question, but not fully however the card explains perfectly what I wanted/needed to do whilst at home.

Interesting results. Since my super worm moon meditation I have tried a chakra cleanse, morning motivation and positive thoughts meditation, so I’m feeling pretty good at the moment!

Sending positive vibes to you all,

Emma xo


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