This place is like a slice of heaven on Earth. You see pictures of this place, hear about it and people describe it but when you are actually there it just takes your breath away. Crystal clear waters, white and I mean white sand and so much natural beauty.

We went to the Whitsunday islands whilst we were staying in Arlie Beach. Hopped on the ocean raft (the quickest boat to Whitsundays) and our first stop was Whitehaven Beach. We stopped off here and sat on the sand and took in the scenery. It was angelic. Went for a little swim in the sea which was a lovely 25 degrees. Oh it was so good!

After our time here we went to the next island which is where all the magic is. All those pictures you see on social media are taken here. Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed here amongst other films and it’s somewhere you need to go whilst you’re in Australia. We had shit loads of fish swimming around our feet and lemon sharks swimming within metres of where we were stood, it was surreal.

Just look at it!! Urgh even the pictures don’t do justice for what you actually see when you’re there. What beauty you witness. The view is forever imprinted into my mind. This place is definitely in my top 3.

We headed off for a snorkel afterwards on the other side of the island. We stopped off at a section of the Great Barrier Reef, grabbed our snorkelling gear and jumped straight in. Watched the fish go about their day, saw some turtles cruising by and even my mum went for a snorkel! I was so proud of her!

Whitsundays, it was an absolute pleasure! Thank you for showing me that there still are beautiful places on this sometimes cruel world.

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Sending my love,
Emma xo

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