Great Barrier Reef

We went to the Great Barrier reef whilst we were staying in Arlie Beach. We caught a boat which took us through and past the Whitsunday island and after about a two hour boat ride we made it to the pontoon at Heart Reef which got it’s name because of the heart shape (duh).
I wasn’t feeling too great this day. We had a long day at the Whitsundays the day before and I had a banging head ache. We arrived at the pontoon after a fairly waving boat ride and we watched as people went off snorkelling and diving. My mum and I decided to start off with a under water boat tour. The boat took us around a small section off the reef where we saw plenty of fish. Little ones, big ones, colourful ones, shiny ones etc. It was a pleasant way to see the reef. After our tour we went and grabbed some food from the buffet (which was delicious!) and we watched people snorkelling. I started to feel a bit better so decided to go for a snorkel and it was such a good decision. I would been so annoyed with myself now if I didn’t go for a snorkel.

I spent a while in the water. It was just such a good experience. It was great to see fish in their natural habitat just going about their everyday lives. Just amazing. I’m hoping I will get a chance to go diving at another section of the Great Barrier reef.

Sending my love,

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Emma xo

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