Australia Zoo!

Hands down, the highlight of this Australian adventure (so far). If you’re going to Australia or you’re in Australia at the moment GO TO AUSTRALIA ZOO!! You didn’t travel this far to not go!!

Since I started planning my Australian adventure has been an absolute must for me. Steve Irwin was a childhood icon of mine. He was my brothers childhood hero and we used to always watch his TV shows as a family. As children me and my brother were animal crazy, my brother was especially amazed by reptiles and sharks. Steve Irwin fuelled our love of animals and gave us endless amounts of knowledge about them. We loved him.

I remember the day he died. I was in Y3 and I had arrived at school early so I was the only one in the classroom. I overheard my teacher tell the Y6 teacher that Steve had died. At first I thought, Nah…surely not. Then I arrived home and my mum told me. It was pretty sad, but what was more emotional was seeing all of his hard work today. Seeing how much of an impact he has had on the whole of Australia, many other countries, children, adults and conservation. He is someone that will never ever be forgotten. His passion shon through on every TV episode and his passion lives through his family and the staff members at Australia Zoo. I have never seen a more spotlessly clean zoo before. Every single staff member was extremely friendly and the zoo keepers are so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their jobs it’s just beautiful.

What’s different about this zoo is that it is built around family. You see images of Rob, Bindi, Terri and of course Steve all over the zoo. Rob has his photography up for purchase in the shops, Bindi has her island, you can hear Terri’s voice through the speakers and there is a photographic journey of Steve’s and Terri’s relationship throughout the years. From when the Crocodile Hunter very first started, to the day he met Terri, the adventures they went on together, marriage, children and Steve’s legacy. It’s honestly heart warming.

Steve’s legacy will continue for many, many years. He’s inspired so many people and his passion continues through his family and Australia Zoo. Their hard work isn’t hard to notice when you step foot in the zoo. Their conservation efforts, love of all animals and dedication is what we need more of in this world.

Australia Zoo, it was a pleasure!



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