Exploring The Blue Mountains

Well our time at the Blue Mountains has come to an end (however I am going to try to go back for a visit) but what a memorable time it has been!

Sticking to the standard touristy places we first visited Lincolns Rock. The famous place where everybody has their picture taken on the flat rock overlooking the Blue Mountains.

Granted there isn’t much else to do here other than sit on the rock and take in the beauty that surrounds you but it is definitely a must see! Completely free of charge, motor home friendly drive and the easiest walk you will find. Would highly recommend if you’re looking for those Instagram worthy pictures.

The following day was spent at Jenolan caves which is somewhere that is beautiful both inside and out (literally). The drive down there can be a bit hairy. The road is steep (very steep), long (very long) and filled with lots of sharp turns. Thankfully we didn’t meet anyone coming in the opposite direction, otherwise I probably would have had a panic attack…
With over 10 cave tours to choose from, there is plenty to do. My mum and I did separate cave tours. My mum walked the Diamond Cave (which she absolutely loved) and I did the River Cave which was just stunning. My tour was based around the River Styx which is the underground river that flows through the cave. Deep inside the cave is a pool called The Pool Of Reflections and oh my god it is the clearest water I have ever seen. I didn’t even realise it was there until our tour guide pointed it out. My pictures don’t really do it any justice but you can see on some of them the reflection of the cave roof on the pool. It was just beautiful. At point during the tour our guide turned off all the lights to show us how dark it really is down there. It’s hard to believe that the first people who discovered the cave had pretty basic equipment and just a candle light to try to help them find their way. The Jenolan valley itself was only discovered by accident when a runaway thief was stealing from local farmers, the farmers tracked him down and discovered the valley so now the thief has a mountain named after him (McKeown).
Not only is there caves to discover but there are plenty of walking tracks to follow around the area. My cave tour finished before my mums did so I went for a walk around the Blue Lake. The Blue Lake is another beautiful addition to the Jenolan Caves area. Easy to walk, lots of wildlife (beware of the snakes) and a great place for those Instagram worthy pictures every tourist wants.

Another place I would recommend visiting if you’re in the Blue Mountains area is Scenic World. The perfect place to see the iconic Three Sisters, Katoomba Waterfalls, Wentworth Water Falls and ride the worlds steepest railway (52 degree drop to be exact). Tickets aren’t too pricey, cafes/resturants there, plenty to do and see and is easy to access. My mum and I started off with a ride on the skyway which takes you over the rainforest between two cliff tops. You get a full 360 degree view of the beautiful mountains and endless forests as well as seeing the Three Sisters and Katoomba Falls whilst being 270 metres from the ground. Theres seating on the cab and down the middle of the cab is a long window so you can see the rainforest below you. We got off on the other side and went for a walk to see the Katoomba Waterfall at a closer view and my god it was beautiful! It’s not a big waterfall (but it would be if there was more rain) but there’s just something about the layout of it and how it is set in the rainforest that makes it special. Definitely a highlight of the day.
You can also take a ride on the cableway which takes you 545 metres down deep into the Jamison Valley rainforest. At the bottom there are plenty of walks for you to choose from. If you’re a nature person or love the sounds of nature I would recommend going on the walks as they take you even deeper into the rainforest and it is so peaceful!
The railway…this was just amazing but I think it’s purely because of the video I recorded of my mums reaction as we went down the track. Holy fuck. It’s hilarious. She won’t be impressed if I show you guys though (even though I know it will cheer anyone up on a down day) but it’s a great experience. The track descends down in between these two huge, long rocks and as you go down you see the mountains and the valley out in front of you and it’s just gorgeous! Sure it’s great to say that you have ridden on the steepest railway in the world but the view that you have on the way down is what makes it really great!

The Blue Mountains are actually called the Blue Mountains because of the eucalyptus trees. In the heat the trees discharge a very fine mist of eucalyptus oil from their leaves. Then the mist refracts light which gives the bluey tint. Learnt that from my cableway driver (shoutout to Ethan).

So far my travels around Australia have been off to a great start! Looking forward to keeping you guys updated with my whereabouts!

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Well here it is anyway…

Sorry mum but it just has to be shared with everyone!

Sending my love to you all,

Emma xo

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