Thank You Widden

Back in 2017 a friend of mine called A mentioned a job to me. The job was on a stud yard in Australia where he worked. At first I kinda just laughed it off. Like I was going to pack up my shit, move half way across the world and work with horses again…

Me and A were talking again in November 2017 and I was telling him how much I just wanted to leave the UK. Leave my past behind me and start a new life. He mentioned the job to me again and this time I had a serious think about it. At this point I was working in a office and my mental health was a bit rocky. I was at the start of my CBT counselling and my work situation wasn’t helping me out. I was done with the UK. I just wanted to leave. I remember I told my mum that A could get me a job working with horses in Australia. She was surprised. I think at first she didn’t really think I could go through with it either (but look where I am now!) and I wasn’t 100% sure whether to go through with it or not. I had stopped working with horses and swore I’d never work with them again (not in the UK at least). Over the following few weeks my mental health took a huge nose dive and I got signed off work. I spent the majority of my days in bed. Me and mum had a chat about this job in Australia and decided fuck it. I was going. I needed to go. I messaged A to let him know that I would move out there. I spoke to the stud manager and bagged myself a job there. I applied for my visa in January and it got accepted within a few days. In March I booked my flights and the countdown had begun. Australia was my goal. To reach my goal I just had to finish my counselling and make it through the following couple of months. The months before I left were a challenge. I was so fed up and ready to leave the UK, all the waiting around was driving me crazy. Then all of sudden August 3rd arrived and I was jetting off to Australia! It was possibly the happiest day of 2018. So much weight was lifted off me, a huge sigh of relief and a massive fuck you was given to the UK. This was the start of my new chapter.

I started work at Widden on the 7th August and I was just amazed at the beauty of this place. I had never seen a place more gorgeous and I still don’t think I ever will. I couldn’t believe that I had made it here. After everything I was here. In this gorgeous valley.

Since my start at Widden I have been working with the yearlings which I have no previous experience with. Yearlings can teach you a lot about yourself as well as teach you a lot about horses. I see yearlings being similar to working with high school kids (but on a more challenging level). You really have to go back to basics and no matter how experienced with horses you might be, you pretty much have to forget everything you know and learn a whole new load of handling skills to deal with yearlings. They will test your patience, your temperament and they will really push you to your limits but there is just something about them. There is something innocent about their eyes. Something sweet about how they curiously sniff you even though most of the time it is followed by a bite. It makes you appreciate those who have worked with the horses we love as yearlings because I really feel for them sometimes. It’s a challenge.

My time at Widden has overall been amazing. I’ve never felt more at home in a place where I live, work and socialise. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had to face my fair share of challenges here. Not just with work but with myself and there’s been times where I have cracked, broken down and almost admitted defeat but after everything I made it here. I’ve been through worse times. I’ve been faced with worse challenges, overcome them and I fucking made it here.

Widden has taught me a lot about myself. It’s taught me that my limits are more in my head. I can go way past what I think are my limits. I can push myself and I can do it. I am a strong person. It’s helped me figure out what path I want to carry on going down. I have a better idea of what I want from my life. How I want to live my life and what sort of career I want. It’s taught me that life doesn’t always have to be so serious. It’s alright to cry, to laugh or to get angry. It’s normal. Sometimes life makes us feel that way sometimes. I’ve learnt that I am mentally, physically and emotionally stronger then what I think. I just need to stop letting my anxiety get the better of me and convince me otherwise.

Thank you Widden for helping me realise I am stronger than I think.

Thank you to my amazing manager for teaching me, understanding and having faith in me.

Thank you to my room mates who have listened, supported and put up with me.

Thank you to the whole Widden family for welcoming me, looking after and always encouraging me.

This is a thank you to Widden Stud for being a place I could call home.

Sending my love to you all,

Emma xo

2 thoughts on “Thank You Widden

  1. Wow you have had an amazing, challenging time Emma in such a beautiful place. Can’t wait to see/hear what happens next.
    I think Kayleigh could do with going to Widden. Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Maggie! It’s been such an amazing experience and I’ve learnt so much. If Kayleigh ever wants to go I can always put a good word in and help her get there. I would recommend Widden to anyone in the horse industry xxx


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