Merry Christmas From Down Under!

Merry Christmas guys!!

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas from the land down under!

It’s about 27 degrees here and it’s possibly the weirdest Christmas I have had. I’ve got Christmas off from work so I’ve taken myself to Newcastle for a few days.

I started my Christmas morning off waking up at 6:00am. Sadly I am incapable of having a lie in anymore. I tried to go back to sleep but it just wasn’t happening. So I stuck Polar Express on and got my Christmas cards. When I flew out here in August I came with my Christmas cards and birthday cards ready for me to open on the day. I opened my Christmas cards and I did have a little cry when I opened the one from my mum, M and Barney. It kinda hit me hard that this Christmas was really gonna be different and I think my future Christmases won’t ever be the same. I’ve taken a big step coming out to Australia and I’m not turning back. I’m not moving back home. Little did I know that Christmas last year would probably be my last proper family Christmas. It was a great Christmas last year despite my mental state and it’s a Christmas that I will always remember, but I know my next christmases won’t be like that. Always make the most of Christmas if you can. Be grateful, thankful and joyful.

To tell you about the next part of my day I have to tell you about last night…so I’ve come to Newcastle on a Christmas vacation and my one of my aims for the holiday is to try and explore as many resturants and cafes as I can. Last night I booked myself at a tapas and cocktail bar called Bar Petite (would high recommend). I arrived and this lovely waiter served me. He’s a cute guy not gonna lie. I was messaging Z about him throughout the night. Z was a great wingman despite being on the other side of the world but anyway. So after I had finished eating and had numerous cocktails I went and sat at the bar (to continue drinking more cocktails of course) and we had a little chat and he asked me where I am working. I told him and this lovely lady began to explain that her brother worked there many years ago. So I got chatting to this lady who turns out to be his mum! After about an hour it was getting towards closing time and he asked me what I was up to tomorrow (today) and I told him nothing really. So he invited me to spend the morning with him, his mum and his friends. So that’s how I spent my morning. Sat by the beach eating croissants, watermelon, mango and other non Christmasy foods (in my opinion…). There were lots of laughs and it was a great morning. They all made me feel welcomed and we exchanged numbers in case I need to contact them when I’m off on my travels for advice or to meet up. Honestly if they ever read this I just want you to know you are lovely people and thank you for a great Christmas morning!! We played a game called swapsies which is where you buy average/funny presents and pick a number out of a hat. So there were 8 of us and 8 presents. I picked out number 6 so I was the 6th person to pick a present. I picked a present and got a portable karaoke microphone and some sweets. I could either keep or swap them for someone else who had already picked and opened their present. I obvs kept it but then F who was number 7 got her present which was a volley ball and she decided to swap with me. So I got a volley ball which I’m not complaining about! I love volley ball! But what a great game and how lovely of them! They melted my heart! Such nice genuine people and I hope I get the pleasure of seeing them again one day.

After we said our goodbyes and parted ways I headed off to the beach to read my book and sunbathe. The ocean is pretty rough today so I haven’t been able to go for a proper swim but I’ve spent a lot of time on the beach which is sometimes the best therapy you can have! I think I have fallen in love with Newcastle. It’s the right amount of city/town and country/seaside. It’s such a great place and even though I’ve come here on my own, I’ve felt so safe exploring day/night on my own.

For my first Christmas away from home, I couldn’t have asked for a better day. I’m writing this sat by the beach and watching the sunset. Today has been a good day. The whole vacation has been great.



Newcastle you have gained a piece of my heart.

Sending my best wishes to you all.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Love you all lots,

Emma xo

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