Because It’s Christmas!

The festive season is the time to just let everything go. Let go of stress, diets (even though there’s no need to diet really) and leave behind all worries and be merry! I’ve had Christmas off from work and I have well and truly let go of all worries.

Where I work is in the middle of no where. The closest town is an hours drive away and even then it’s not really a town to me (coming from Manchester and all). One of the things I miss is going out to eat. Exploring new foods and new places to eat. I miss mine and Z’s fat days. I miss just eating out! So one of my aims on my mini holiday was to try and eat out as many times as possible and try somewhere new each time.

I arrived in Newcastle on the 22nd and that evening I booked myself in at the hotels restaurant Jonah’s (would recommend). I have the bruschetta as my starter which was lush! Then for my main I had sweet potato fries with duck confit and holy fuck. That duck. Best duck I have ever had! For dessert I had the dark chocolate crémeux which was beautiful! Along with a glass of rosé and a cocktail it was a great start to my holiday!


My next day was a Sunday and Sundays are normally my days of rest, but not this Sunday. Not even close. I started my day off at 8:00am with a walk with shit loads of steps but the views made it worth it. I walked to bar beach where I stopped off at the beach bar and had breakfast. I had muesli with yogurt along with a banana smoothie and a chocolate milkshake. I’ve been to Newcastle a couple of times before and we went to Bar beach so I knew there was a place there for me to eat. I thought that would be a good place to start off with and the walk from my hotel to Bar beach features a designed beach walk which I’ve wanted to do so I can finally tick that off! If you enjoy walking I’d recommend it. It’s got beautiful views and is a lovely set up for a walk.

When I got back to the hotel it was about 11ish so decided to walk to my next eatery the Coco Monde Chocolaterie. The walk there featured a huge dock off fucking hill. Holy shit. It’s a good job I like walking and like giving my legs a work because shit me there was no chance I would have survived that otherwise. Throughout the journey up and down the hill (there and back) I was the only person that I saw walking it and I’m not surprised. Almost wrote me off but once I made it to the chocolate cafe I was starving again. So I ordered Belgian waffles with melted chocolate, strawberries and vanilla ice cream. Demolish it all. Daymn it was good! Got some OJ and green tea to go with it then just chilled at the cafe for a while. I needed to motivate myself to go back up that hill. I was going to walk from the chocolate cafe to my next eatery which was Doughheads (similar to Krispe Kremes) but my phone was on low battery so I decided it was probably smarter to walk back to the hotel to charge my phone up for a bit. So I walked back up that hill and made it back to my hotel (without using google maps may I add). After an hour or so I was still pretty full from my waffles so I did some on foot exploring. I went to Nobby’s beach and lighthouse. The walk to the lighthouse takes you down this rock port which goes out into the ocean. So you have the ocean on both sides of the path. It was pretty rough that day and the waves were splashing up onto the pathway. Well of course who manages to get splashed by a wave? This tourist over here! Nobody else! Just me! And I got soaked. The Australian sun dried me up pretty quickly but that’s just my luck…I headed back to my hotel and then decided fuck it and I walked to Doughheads which was a 50 minute walk. I was so motivated on Sunday (I think the food was motivating me). I arrived and got myself a strawberry milkshake and cookie dough doughnut which was just beautiful. Well needed. My walk back to the hotel was pretty chilled out. I didn’t really have any plans for tea. I didn’t have anywhere booked so it was either try and find somewhere that wasn’t busy or order room service. I searched this bar on google which seemed alright but as I walked up to it the bar was packed and I just couldn’t go in there. My anxiety began to kick in and I had a little panic but thankfully Z had just woken up so I had a quick phone call with him which helped calm my nerves! I decided it was probably best for me to spend the evening in the comfort of my hotel room ordering room service. So I took a long, evening sunset stroll back to the hotel, had a bath (first bath since being out here! Felt so good!) and ordered room service. Got myself some squid and sweet potato fries which was then followed by a quick phone call with my mum before I completely knocked out for the night.


Christmas Eve was my spa day🙌. I had breakfast at the hotel which consisted of a full English with OJ, water and then some muesli and yogurt. I then headed off to the spa where I went all out. I started off with a detoxifying ritual which is a body exfoliation, which renews, regenerates and cleanses the skin. A detoxifying Green tea wrap will then eliminate impurities from your body while you enjoy a deeply soothing scalp massage. To finish this holistic experience your therapist will perform a warm bamboo massage leaving you feeling relaxed to your absolute core (yes that is copied from their website…). After my exfoliation I chilled out for a few minutes and then had a shower and my skin felt like babies skin. It was soooo soft and smooth I couldn’t stop stroking my arms and legs! It was amazing! Next was my aromatherapy massage which was a full body massage. Unwind your mind and body with this gentle and flowing massage. A deeply relaxing head to toe massage with Lavender, Sweet Orange and Neroli essential oils will transport you away from day to day stress. You will not want this to finish (also copied from their website). I do sometimes struggle to fully relax when it comes to massages. My back and sides are extremely sensitive to touch and I’m terribly ticklish. When it comes to a back massage I sometimes anticipate when they are going to put their hands on me or I sometimes end up giggling. I giggled when she did my back. It was so ticklish. It was good but it was quite hard to fully relax. My facial was next and that sent me into a deep relaxation. My body kept twitching as I got more and more relaxed. I think I had a little nap as well. When my facial was over I went and got my eyebrows waxed. This was something that was a must do whilst in Newcastle (I’m beginning to think the backpacker lifestyle isn’t for me…). I like my eyebrows to be trimmed and tidy and living where I do at the moment there is nowhere near by (less than a 2 hour drive away) that will be able to wax/thread or even pluck my eyebrows. Needless to say I was so relieved to finally get my eyebrows waxed.

I felt pretty high after my spa day. I was so relaxed. Like stoned relaxed. It was great. I walked back to Nobby’s beach and chilled out some more there. Found myself a nice quiet spot. After a while I decided to head back to the hotel to start getting ready for my evening meal at Bar Petite. A lovely tapas and cocktail bar. I sat down on my table with a candle lit and a glass of red wine. Proper romantic meal for one. Ordered duck and vegetable spring rolls (if you go you have to have these!!), beetroot haloumi balls and calamari. For dessert I had sticky date pudding with vanilla ice cream and then had numerous more cocktails. I made friends with the waiter and his mum and it was definitely the best evening of my holiday! The whole day was great to be fair! I went back to my room afterwards and had a lovely phone call with my mum before I drifted off to sleep.

Then it was Christmas!! (You can read more about Christmas Day here). For my breakfast/dinner I had croissants, watermelon and mango by the beach. I joined the waiter, his mum and his friends for the morning which was a great start to the day! Afterwards I went to the beach for a couple of hours to try and even out my tan lines (my tanned areas have gotten more tanned and my white areas have just burnt). Once I had gotten back to my hotel room I chilled out, ordered some room service which was sweet potato fries (of course) and bruschetta. Not quite the Christmas dinner I’m used to but it was still lovely! I did want to go out for tea/drinks later but everywhere was either booked up or closed so I decided to go for a sunset walk. Plus I probably could have done with some exercise to try and burn some of these calories off!



The sunset was just beautiful! I did get emotional. I don’t want to leave Newcastle. I’ve genuinely fallen in love with this place but god knows what I’m gonna be like when I start travelling the rest of Australia! Gonna be an emotional wreck.

I’ll be back at work soon so my mini holiday is coming to an end but what a great holiday it has been. Lots of food consumed and lots of sight seeing. Lots of sun, sea and sand. Exactly what I needed.

Newcastle it has been a pleasure.

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Till next time!

Lots of love,

Emma xo

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