Full Moon Meditation!

So last night was a full moon and it was beautiful here in Oz! It was glowing!IMG_0576.JPGLook at that! It’s like a night time sun! So I thought I’d mix my meditation up a bit. I decided to meditate outside. So I put some PJ bottoms on, wore my fluffy socks, stuck a hoodie on and folded up my blanket so I had something to sit on. The moon was facing the back of our house and we have a porch there which is where I sat. The past couple of days have been very windy here so my housemate probably thought I was crazy for sitting outside last night but it was a beautiful and calming experience!


So I sat on my blanket with my legs crossed, back straight but not tense and I just looked at up at the moon for a minute or so. I focused my thoughts on the moon and the meditation I was about to do. I feel this helped me during my meditation as my mind didn’t stray and nothing from my work/social life popped into my head and distracted me. Once I felt my mind was clear I closed my eyes and took 3 slow and deep breaths. In through my nose and out through my mouth. I focused on the movement of my chest and imagined all this weight and any negativity leaving me with each breath. I then thanked the universe for its guidance. This is something I have been trying to do every night before I fall asleep (granted there has been a couple of nights where I have forgotten…). I asked that the universe continues to guide me down my spiritual pathway. Once I felt my message had been received I imagined the moon in my head and it’s rays shining on me. I imagined the rays providing me with light and energy. The rays calming me and helping me stay in a positive mindset. When I felt ready I opened my eyes, looked up at the moon and smiled. It was a refreshing meditation! Fairly short and sweet but made me feel a lot better!

Once I had finished my moon meditation I turned my focus on being in the present moment. My anxiety has been pretty awful recently and it’s made me worry about the future. So I closed my eyes and focused on where I was at that very moment. I could feel the cool wind against my skin and blowing my hair. I could hear the leaves flowing in the breeze. I could hear the horses neighing in the paddocks around my house. I repeated to myself ‘The future is not now. Live in the moment. Embrace the day’. I said this in my head till I felt like I didn’t need to say it anymore. After a few mins the wind really picked up and I decided to head to bed (it was like 11 o’clock at night which is way past my bed time!) I stood up, thanked the universe for listening and thanked the moon. I went back inside with a huge smile on my face. I enjoyed the experience!

When I got into bed I lit some incense, a candle and decided to do a mindful meditation seeing as I couldn’t do as much mindful meditating as I wanted to outside due to the wind. I’ve downloaded an app called Oak (which I would highly recommend). There is a mindful meditation on there which helps you focus on your breath. I did this meditation for about 10 minutes and fell asleep soon after (I blew my candle out first don’t worry!). The meditation helped me focus on my breath which made me realise how helpful that can be during my anxious times. If my anxiety kicks in I know it won’t be the easiest thing to do but it will be helpful.

Needless to say I had a beautiful nights sleep last night and woke up this morning feeling awake and refreshed!

Meditation is something that doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. It can be done anywhere and won’t have any negative impacts on you. So what’s stopping you? Give it a go and who knows what you might feel/discover!

Sending my love to you all,

Emma xo

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