Stud Work – Dogwatch

Dogwatch is something the staff members have to do once or twice a month but it’s probably no where near what you think it is. Dogwatch is where you watch the pregnant mares who are due to pop anytime soon for a few hours in the evening after a days work. I personally quite like doing Dogwatch as it is the perfect opportunity for me to get some me time. I’m currently writing this whilst chilling out on the back of the Ute, ear phones in, summer clothes on, warm evening breeze and earphones in. Legit the best evening I’ve had in a while!

I know…it has nothing to do with dogs or watching out for dogs and nobody really seems to know why it is called dogwatch but for some reason it is! There is very little signal around the yard but where dogwatch is I can sometimes get 3G and a couple of bars which makes it a great opportunity to have a phone call with my mum back home in the UK. My evenings here in Australia are my mums mornings back in the UK so our phone calls are usually pretty easy to organise. As I do dogwatch for about 4 hours it gives us lots of time to have a catch up, heart to heart or just chat about random crap. It’s something I look forward to. Probably why I’m the only one on the yard that actually likes doing dogwatch. I do miss her (sometimes). I just like hearing her voice. I like hearing about how life is going back home. I like hearing what’s she’s been up to and what she’s been planning. She now has her flights to Australia booked so once I finish working at the end of January next year she’ll be heading out here! I’m looking forward to it but I know it’s going to be emotional. It will be around 6/7 months since we last saw each other. It’s safe to say mum was more emotional than I was when it came to my farewell at Manchester airport but I think I might be just as emotional at this reunion and let’s not talk about the next farewell…but I know a week or two into the travelling together and I’ll probably be ready for some more me time at dogwatch🙄

This evening has been the perfect opportunity for me to reconnect with the universe. I meditated not that long ago and I’ve been feeling a lot more positive ever since but in order for me to remain clear and positive I need to keep in touch with my soul and the universe. So earlier I closed my eyes, sat up straight but not stiff and I thanked the universe for its help and guidance and I just politely asked for any fears to be turned into love. It’s easy for our surroundings to have a negative impact on how we see ourselves, others or our lives. I know it might sound stupid or silly asking the universe for some guidance and positivity but you might be amazed at how you feel afterwards. I wouldn’t say I feel more positive straight away afterwards but as I carry on with my week and later reflect, I notice how more positive my week has been purely because I have had a better and more positive outlook on work, myself and I feel more protected from the negativity of others.

My Dogwatch this evening is coming to a end sadly but I’ve needed this. I’ve needed this chill time. Sure I get to chill out in my bedroom back at where I live but it’s not quite the same as literally having no one around you but foals, pregnant mares and fresh air. The weather has been very warm this week and in the far distance I can see lightning lighting up the valley mountains which has made this evening even more beautiful!

But it is way past my bed time now so i’m gonna love you and leave you,

Sending positive vibes to you all!

Emma xo

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