Sunset Evenings

The sunsets here are breathtaking.


Just look at that!! This was last night but even the pictures I took don’t fully capture to true beauty of this place. Sunset is my favourite time of the day. In my happy place I’m watching the sun set in the horizon (Creating Your Happy Place) but I still can’t get over the evening sky last night. It was on fire! The colours were amazing and we’ve finally had some rain over the past couple of weeks so the grass is looking a lot greener and healthier and views last night were just breathtaking.

The best part of my evening runs is seeing the sunset behind the valley mountains.

These are some of the sunset pictures I have taken out on my evening runs since I have been here. I like to just watch the sunset for a few minutes. Take my ear phones out, listening to the nature that surrounds me and just do some deep breathing and the feeling I get is just something I cant really say I’ve ever felt before.

Above are some pictures I have taken during sunset or the early hours of the morning. Getting to see sights like this almost every morning makes getting up for work a lot easier but the pictures don’t really give you the same feeling as what witnessing sights like this in the morning gives you. It’s really made me look back and realise how far I have come in my life and how rewarding life has been for me since conquering my mental illness’s.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures.

Sending you my love,

Emma xo

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