An Update From Australia!

I’ve been in Australia now for over a month and it has definitely been a eye opening experience for numerous reasons.

When you move away from home or half way around the world it helps you realise who is always going to be there for you and who isn’t. I’ve minimised my friendship circle in the past 12 months for numerous reasons and my move to Australia has reminded me why I did so. I had a Skype video call with my best friend L last night and it has honestly made my week. Me and Z have been messaging everyday since I left. I love these two so much and I am lucky to have such supportive, encouraging and loving best friends.

Same goes for my family. Part of me feels that this move has brought me closer to them. I’ve always felt like the black sheep of the family and I think my mental illness’s made me feel even more distant from them at times but since I’ve moved here I’ve had fairly regular contact with them. They love hearing from me and seeing the pictures I send them. I love hearing about what they have been up to and knowing that they are all well provides me with peace of mind. My family have always been great. I always sing their praises when people here ask me about how my family reacted to my move and I really cannot say anything negative about it. They have been amazing before, during and after my move which helped me tremendously.

I feel like Australia is helping me gain a better idea of what I want to do work wise in my life. Do I want to keep working with horses? Not really. I love it where I am at the moment and Australia definitely makes the shit jobs on a yard great to do but i’m starting to gain more courage and confidence to explore. For the past year or so it has been an idea/dream for me and L to move to California and work in the marijuana industry. He first mentioned it to me a while ago and ever since I haven’t been able to stop picturing myself over there. At the moment, it feels like part of my heart is calling me over there but I also want to make the most of Australia. I start my travelling February/March time next year so money will eventually become tight again and as I am over here I would love to either pop across to New Zealand or South Africa or both (who knows) so part of me is wondering whether to stick with horses for another year or so to get the money that will take me to California but i’m not going to worry too much about that yet. I’ve still got plenty of time and the best part about the future is you can’t predict it or control it so there’s no point in trying to. Just live in the moment.

Australia has helped me keep up with my fitness. Not just because of the type of work I do but even after a busy day at work I will still go for a evening walk/run. For me its become a lot easier to go running during the day and when people are about. My anxiety hasn’t been bothered by it and it was weird to experience at first but it has made me realise how much I hated being in the UK. That life just isn’t for me. My anxiety hated it. Don’t get me wrong I still have my anxious moments where I panic a little bit because I haven’t gotten used to how everything works over here but even then those moments are very minor compared to some of the anxiety issues I had back in the UK. I knew moving here would mentally work wonders for me but I wasn’t expecting it to be this beneficial for me. It’s crazy!

I’m about to head back to work soon. I know I have been quite quiet since I moved here but I will be posting updates when I can and lots of pictures!

I hope you’re all well and never forget to take care of yourself!

Sending my love from Australia,

Emma xo

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