Lucid Dreaming – Part 1

So last night I tried some guided deep sleep meditation. It’s been a while since I’ve done a guided meditation but as I haven’t properly meditated in over 3 weeks I felt like I needed a bit of guidance to get me back on track. I’d highly recommend guided meditation for beginners as it gives you an idea of how meditation works and what to do. You always have to make sure you are comfortable though, otherwise you may get distracted midway through. For me, I like to meditate whilst lying down in bed but it is good to have something underneath your lower calves like a pillow or a wrapped up towel as I’ve found, if I lie down with my legs flat on my bed the back of my heels begin to ache and it leads to my mind getting distracted through my meditation sessions. So always make sure you are 100% comfortable beforehand.

The guided meditation I did last night was about 60 minutes long but you can get some that are much shorter or even longer. The meditation was focusing on exploring your mind and letting yourself be free. I’ll admit it took me a while to really tune into it as my mind has been pretty busy lately and like I said, it has been a while since I last meditated. Once my mind had let go and my body was fully relaxed I began to explore. The meditation guided me to explore the deepest corners of my imagination and creativity so that is exactly what I did. The guide took me to a train station to begin with and there was a train pulling into the station. All the details were down to me. The train station was situated in the countryside and I was the only one there. The train was a authentic steam train, very beautiful and classic. The doors of the carriage opened and I slowly stepped inside this train that was designed especially for me. I walked into the first carriage and it was a beautiful setting. To start off with the carriage was a typical high class carriage. Red and gold furniture. Very spacious and upper class. My guide then took me to the next carriage which was a bedroom tailored just for me. I walked in and I had clear quartz, amethyst and lapis lazuli crystals decorating the white furniture. It felt pure and peaceful. I knew at this point I was fading away from the physical realm and I was beginning to explore my mind. I got into the huge bed and my head sunk into the pillows and I felt my physical body relax and go heavy. I began to dream. This is where it gets a bit fuzzy. I can’t fully remember how my dream started but I know midway through I took myself to space on a magic carpet…yes really. I saw the moon, the galaxy and even caught a few stars in hands. It was beautiful. Something I’ve never really experienced before. I was very much on a adventure which I was fully aware about and I knew I pretty much had control over what was happening. I was just exploring my own mind. After flying through space for a while my magic carpet did unexpected flip and I fell off. I was slowly falling down through space but I wasn’t scared. I was still at peace. I then very gently landed on what I think was a different planet but I was surrounded by dinosaurs. Mostly Brachiosaur’s which are in fact my favourite type of dinosaurs. We were in this beautiful grassland area surrounded by gorgeous mountains and these dinosaurs were roaming free and peacefully. I remember at one point I did think what the fuck? But then I remembered this was all about exploring my creativity and clearly my creativity was on point last night! After making friends with the dinosaurs I actually managed to ride one and we rode off into the forest. Again it was a weird experience but it was all about just going with the flow. We were riding through the forest and I fell off and fell into this puddle. But I literally fell through this puddle and landed in the ocean where I met 3 blue whales. I was under the water listening to them sing and they just watched me float there. I remember feeling amazed at their size but at no point was I ever scared. When I resurfaced I was close to the shoreline and I swam up onto the beach and sat there watching the calm ocean. After a while a beautiful white horse came onto the beach and obviously I got on its back and we went for a canter along the beach. I remember feeling free. Before I finished my loan with Bubbles I wanted to try cantering bare back and I managed to do exactly that and I loved the feeling. When I was cantering on this white horse along the beach there was no saddle. It had a beautiful long flowing mane which moved perfectly with the pace. As we cantered along the beach I just felt free and happy. We then went onto the top of this cliff which over looked the ocean, beach and the sunset and I felt like I really got to know myself even more. I discovered how creative my mind is when I lock into its power. I discovered more about my passions, my loves and how I want to live my life.

The rest is just a blur. I can’t really remember much after that point but I’m glad I remembered what I did. It was a very different experience to what I have done in the past but I will definitely be doing it again. It will be interesting to see whether I experience the same thing, something similar or something completely different.
You can find the guided meditation I used by clicking here.

I’d highly recommend you give it a go. I used to be scared of trying lucid dreaming because my mind was so negative and riddled with depression, anxiety and PTSD. Part of me wishes I had tried it a few years ago because I would now have something to compare it to both when I was in my dark place and now that I am in the light. However I will definitely be trying this meditation again and I will be sure to let you guys know how it goes!

Wishing you peace and happiness,

Emma xo

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