Getting Back Into Yoga

So I’ve just finished a yoga session in my bedroom and oh it was definitely needed! My body feels so much more looser, supple and flexible. It is pretty obvious to me that I haven’t had a good yoga session since my move though but I’m hoping I’ll be able to get back on track from now on!
It has got me thinking though. A lot of the time when I tell people I practise yoga they instantly expect me to do all of these crazy poses and don’t get me wrong, those crazy poses are classed as yoga poses but that’s not what yoga is about.
Yoga is different for everyone and the best thing about yoga is that anyone can do it. Yoga benefits our minds, bodies and our souls. It is a form of exercise based on the belief that the body and breathe are intimately connected with the mind. By holding the poses and controlling your breath you are creating harmony within your mind, body and soul. I’ve always had issues with my breathing which is mainly due to my asthma and anxiety. My asthma gave me troubles when I was younger and every now and again it comes back to attack me but my anxiety has caused me the most trouble with my breathing. During my moments of panic I would forget to breathe. I know it sounds stupid and maybe impossible because it’s a natural instinct of ours but I did. I’d be that focused of whatever it was that was panicking me and I’d be so paranoid about myself that internally parts of my body shut down and some parts went into over drive. My breathing would stop which caused me feel to as though I was tight chested and in extreme cases it would feel like I was being strangled around my chest which caused me to panic even more. My heart would be pounding which caused the blood to rush around my body and I would start to heat up and sweat. It wasn’t a pleasant experience to say the least! So I started yoga classes early this year and it helped me to gain control of my breathing. At this point I was mid-way through my CBT therapy and my anxiety and PTSD were off the charts but my weekly morning yoga sessions helped me feel refreshed and helped me realise that I could stay in control of my body. The classes I went to were around 45minutes to an hour long and they were in the morning which at first seemed like a lot of effort but I think I would have preferred them in the morning rather than the evening as after the class, I felt like I was ready to take on my day with a fresh and clear mindset.
I’ve always done stretches in my bedroom, for many years now as they helped me release the tension in my shoulders, hips and back. When I started my yoga classes I realised that the stretches that I have been doing in my bedroom were mostly yoga poses and I never knew. Yoga isn’t all about these fancy and crazy poses. It’s about how it benefits you. Yoga might help you with your breathing, might help you relax or make you stronger either mentally, emotionally or physically. I loved my classes that I attended but I reached a point where I didn’t feel like I needed to go anymore. I had learnt a lot about yoga and myself which I am going to carry on with me but the classes taught me about how yoga is something personal to each individual.
I’ve tried to follow these yoga tutorial videos on Instagram and YouTube and I can keep up with them for a couple of days but after that I just get bored of them. I don’t want my yoga sessions to be focused around what others do. I want my yoga sessions to be for me. It’s a bit of me time. I want to listen to the music I want, I want to do the poses that I want and I want to flow in the way that my body wants to. It’s okay that my body doesn’t allow me to do the crow pose, maybe one day I’ll be able to do it but not right now. I’ve been able to learn where my bodies limits lie and how its not always okay to push them. When it comes to yoga sometimes the best progress you can make is by staying just below your limit and with practise your limits will become further afield. Yoga has also taught me about my bodies weaknesses. It’s taught me how to notice where my body avoids holdings itself. For example when it comes to balancing on my left leg, leaning forward and holding my right leg out behind me, sometimes my right hip twists upwards instead of staying straight. I’ve gotten into a few bad habits like this but I am now able to notice them and attempt to correct them.
My point is yoga could benefit you! It doesn’t have to be about all of these fancy poses. Even just sitting on the floor with your feet crossed or standing up right is technically classed as a yoga pose. Do that along with some controlled breathing and I can guarantee you will feel better afterwards. To keep me motivated I have created a Yoga&Meditation playlist on Spotify which you can find by clicking here.

New songs will be added probably on a weekly basis to keep myself and you guy motivated. I’m gonna be having my tea soon and then a phone call with my mother and I’m going to try and get another yoga session done and I’m going to do some deep meditating tonight!
Sending my love to you all,
Emma xo

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