Day Out – Newcastle

So I’ve finally been able to treat myself to a new laptop and oh it feels good!

Last weekend was my first weekend off since starting this new job and I spent it with a lady who lives and works at the yard. She’s been here for about 11 years and she has such a kind heart. It’s quite reassuring to have her here as I know I have a mother type figure to turn to if needs be.

We set off to Newcastle Saturday morning and it took about 2.5 hours to get to Bar beach where we spent the afternoon. IMG_0392.JPG

It was a beautiful sight! Really took my breath away and it was a great way to start my discovery of Australia. We headed down the path and got something to eat at the beach bar. We all had smoothie bowls which I have never had before but wow! It was so good and so healthy! So it was a banana smoothie with kiwi, strawberries, passionfruit and a range of nuts and it all went together perfectly! I could honestly have eaten so many of them! I then tried a choc ice. Never heard of them before but its ice (obviously) with some ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream on top. Kinda counter acted my healthy meal but I just had to try it and I would highly recommend them!

Once we had finished eating we went onto the beach. The sand was soft and golden. The sea was a mixture of clear blues and dark blues. There were surfers catching the waves and we sat and watched the day go by. I was filled with peace. I was living just over 2 hours away from this place. It’s somewhere I could easily drive to on my days off if I wanted to do some more exploring or go for a swim in summer. I listened to the waves crashing on the shore and it took me back to Cape Verde when me and my mum were sunbathing on the beach and she mentioned how she loves the sound of the ocean and the waves. I knew she would love it here and it got me even more excited for when she comes out here February next year. We watched the surfers and listened to the waves for what felt like hours but I could have stayed there for even longer. I was actually living in the moment. I was living right there and then. I wasn’t thinking about my past or my future. I was just watching the day go by and it was fantastic.

Despite the fact that it is winter over here I was still pretty warm that day, however I think I was one of the very few on the beach wearing a t-shirt. To Australians it’s pretty cold here at the moment but to me, it feels like spring here!

After a few hours we left the beach and headed to J’s sisters house. I can safely say I will be returning back to Newcastle at some point and I will go back to Bar beach again but Newcastle is a big place and there is a lot for me to experience, explore and see there which I am very much looking forward to!

I will be keeping you all up to date with my explorations and discoveries of Australia!

I hope you’re all well and I’m sending my love to you all!

Emma xo

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