Hello From Down Under!

Good afternoon to you all! I hope you’re all well! After a 4 hour train ride I made it to Muswellbrook and I am currently doing my food shop ready for the week ahead! Been to Woolworths which brought back childhood memories and it’s a bank holiday Monday which I didn’t know Australia had! Soon I will have a hours drive to the yard where I will be living and working for the next 6 months! What a day!

I feel like I have brought the English rain with me as it’s currently raining here in Oz! Which is probably a blessing as there is a severe drought going on in NSW. I spent yesterday in Sydney and it’s winter here but it doesn’t quite compare to a winter in England but I rarely feel the cold. I’d say it feels like a crisp spring day here but the weather could change the more inland we travel.

The flights here went better than I thought they would. I was dreading the flights not gonna lie. The first flight was just under 6.5 hours and we flew to Abu Dhabi. I didn’t really manage to sleep on this flight so I just watched the online entertainment and ate all the food that was given to me. I think I’m one of the rare few that actually quite likes airplane food…

The second flight was just over 13 hours. By this point I was still going strong but I was very tired. I sat in my seat on the plane and completely zonked out. I slept through the first 2 hours of flying (yup, even through take off) and could have slept for longer if the hostess didn’t wake me up for my food. Not like that’s a bad thing, but I was in such a deep sleep that when I woke up I spent the following half an hour very confused. I couldn’t understand how or why we were flying as when I was last awake people were still boarding the plane. It took me a while to realise I was asleep for the take off. So I ate my food and went back to sleep. I didn’t manage to watch a single film all the way through as I kept falling asleep but all the sleep helped me get through the rest of the day. When it was almost landing time my nerves started to kick in. I was almost here. I’ve had Australia planned since last year and I was about to land on Australian land for the first time ever and my new life was about to begin. It was nerve racking. As we were lining up for the runway it was sunrise in Sydney and our plane had live cameras on it which you could watch on the tv’s in front of you. I got slightly teary. It was a beautiful sight. Sunrise and sunset are my favourite things to see and to see the sunrise as we were landing in Sydney, for me it was slightly emotional. We landed at 6:30am Sydney time and proceeded to the e-passport checks. We scanned our passports and received our tickets which we needed to get through the e-passport camera checks. Well of course the camera couldn’t match my passport photo to real life me…so I had to go and queue up to be manually checked by border control. Eventually I got through and collected my suitcase. I then got refused through nothing to declare as I had yard boots in my suitcase so I had to go and join another queue to have my suitcase and hand luggage x-rayed. I then had to un pack my suitcase (which took me and my mum over 5 minutes to fasten in the first place). My boots then went off to be examined and I patiently waited for their return. They came back to me all washed and clean which was a nice surprise but I then had to repack my suitcase which took a while but throughout all that my anxiety remained calm and quiet. If that had happened in the past I would have been sweating buckets, paranoid about my bright red face and worried in case I ended up getting arrested for something I didn’t do, but I made it. If I could get through all that without the slightest bit of panic I knew I could get through anything Australia throws at me.

The rest of the day was spent wandering around Sydney town centre. The town centre reminds me of Manchester a bit. I did feel quite at ease there. I didn’t feel like I was in another country. By the evening I had hit my brick wall and I was exhausted. At about 6o’clock I climbed into bed and I was gone. Flat out. I slept for the next 12 hours till the alarm went off this morning. So today I’m feeling pretty fresh! I’m ready for the rest of my day and for the days afterwards.

Sending my love to you all,

Emma xo

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