Today Is The Day!

Today is the day! This evening I will be flying out from Manchester to Abu Dhabi, then Abu Dhabi to Sydney!

So my last day was pretty productive. Yesterday I woke up with the intention of going to Trafford Centre to get some last-minute bits and bobs but my phone decided to completely crash. I ended up chatting to Apple for just over 2 hours and my phone had to be restored so everything was wiped. I’m not arsed about everything that was on there, my music is on Spotify and my pictures are all either on the laptop or Snapchat memories so I haven’t really lost anything, it was just stress I could have done without, especially the day before I leave but I think it was a blessing in disguise because I would never have deleted half the stuff that was on that phone anyway (I’m a hoarder). It’s a great way to start this new chapter in my life.

So…we didn’t end up going Trafford Centre like we had planned, and then that afternoon my car, Jimmy got sold. Good old Jimmy, he went and started his new life yesterday, farewell my friend, you were a good car that served me well. Later on that evening me, my mum and my brother all went out for tea which was lovely. Wasn’t anything too over the top or fancy just a nice casual meal at a local pub/restaurant.

Once we arrived back from the meal me and L went out for a drink and a joint. My 6 months tolerance break has now started!! I’m excited to be having a break from smoking but I’m not gonna lie, I am going to miss it. Mary Jane has been there for a few years now and has always put a smile on my face a few minutes after I had been crying my eyes out, she helped me sleep at night and stopped my nightmares and she helped me find the energy to get up and move when all I wanted to do was lie in bed. It’s been a wonderful journey with marijuana, a journey I will never regret and I will treasure the memories always but I am excited to have a proper detox and cleanse my system. I’d never be able to do a detox for that long whilst still here, no chance. The life here is boring and dull and it just isn’t for me anymore. Mary Jane makes it funnier and makes me slightly more appreciative, but I am in the mindset of thinking there is a whole world out there and I need to see it and I don’t think my mindset is going to change. There are bigger and better things out there for me and I’ve got to take the leap and find them.

During mine and L’s time out we reminisced about our memories from Amsterdam like the time we did shrooms and went on a 10 hour trip. I can’t even begin to describe how crazy that was. We took them in the afternoon and somewhat came back down to Earth about 11 at night and to top it off we were flying home in a few hours whilst still tripping. Oh the good times! I had a phone call with his sister to say goodbye and take care and L’s dad messaged him to wish me good luck, then I went back to his and sat downstairs for a bit whilst I spoke to L and his mum. I class them as family. I love them dearly and I’m going to miss all of them. They’re funny, kind hearted and full of love. I know there going to keep an eye on my mum for me as well as take Barney for days out and walks so I can’t ask for anything more. Eventually my mum came to pick me up. I said goodbye to their cat Tilly who is the sweetest cat I’ve ever met!

Then came the goodbyes to Mother L and L (both their names begin with L). They’ve both been amazing over the years and shit me, I am going to miss L so much but he is happy, proud and excited for me which means everything (Till Next Time). He’s like my second brother and I am excited to see who we are as people when we next meet. I’m excited to hear about his journey now that he is back from Australia and I am so god damn proud of him.

This is a thank you to those who came into my life and either left or we just drifted apart. You’ve all taught me something about myself which has led me to this point today. Thank you to those who did me wrong, you have made me realise a lot. Thank you to L, Z and E for being the most accepting, supportive and loyal friends anyone could ask for, you guys have really gotten me to this point today. Thank you to my family for always being loving and caring. Thank you to my brother for the times you used to torment me and borderline bully me but you’ve always had my back and I love you dearly. A massive thank you to my mum, the main lady in my life and 100% if she wasn’t the good soul that she is, I would not be taking this next step but it’s now time for you to put yourself first. I’ll be fine.

Love you all lots,

Emma xo

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