The Last Fat Day

Yesterday was mine and Z’s last fat day before my move to Australia. I came up with the idea of a fat day back in January this year. I was eating healthy but I was missing the junk food slightly. Fat day is one day a week where me and Z are free to eat whatever (he does that everyday but still). I could eat as much food as I wanted and still stay on track with my healthier lifestyle. It also gave us something to look forward to. We usually went on either a Friday evening or on a Saturday but sometimes we mixed it up and went during the week. Our first fat day was on the 26th January 2018. I decided to take us to a American steak house near my house where we demolished our food. Fat day has been filled with fancy meals out, road trips, days out, healthy food, fat food, steak, burgers, vegetarian food, Chinese, Mexican, Italian and of course the occasional lazy day with a McDonalds. We had breakfasts (after 11 because Z is the laziest person on the planet), dinners, tea and midnight trips for milkshakes.

Our last fat day was spent at Black Milk. We first found out about the little café at the start of July and we both fell in love with the place. Seriously, if you live in the Manchester area GO TO BLACK MILK! They also have several other cafés dotted around the UK so don’t panic if you live hours away! Their shakes and desserts are to die for but their oj (orange juice), oh god. It’s like drinking silk. It’s so smooth. The perfect oj for any occasion! Hungover? Go to Black Milk for a oj and freakshake! Newly single? Go to Black milk for oj and a dessert! Treat yourself! It’s worth it!

Before we went to Black Milk yesterday it had been 20 hours since I last ate. I had a few drinks the night before and I haven’t drank for so long, I was somewhat tender the following morning. Some of you may know that I love cereal and Black Milk do cereal cocktails! So I thought what better way to end fat day than having my first and last cereal cocktail. To make it even better, you can choose whether to have it put in a normal bowl or an edible white/milk chocolate bowl. Obviously I chose the milk chocolate bowl and I went for the Om Nom Nom which included Krave, Coco Rocks and Cookie Crisp cereal. The toppings were fudge brownies and oreos, covered in molten chocolate AND topped with whipped cream and served with chocolate milk on the side! I managed to eat 3/4’s of the cereal and took a bite of my chocolate bowl and then I could feel it…the food coma had arrived. I was already sleep deprived and slightly hungover so when the food coma took over, a nap was needed. I rested my head on the table and just had 40 winks. Z obviously took a picture of me which then resulted in this…


My claim to fame!! I’m officially on Black Milks Instagram story! Black Milk, you defeated me yesterday but it was worth it! You have been amazing and we have always left your café feeling happy and full. Thank you for making my last few fat days delicious.

Z spontaneously came into my life last year. It didn’t take us long to realise we both love to travel and we both love food. He’s someone who is very special to me. He is the kindest soul I have ever met but don’t get me wrong, he can still be a dickhead sometimes. He’s someone who has taught me to love my ‘imperfections’. He has helped me love myself and love the body I am in and I’m not sure if he realises that. He’s someone who is there any day any time and is always up for a late night trip to Archies. You’re the reason I bake cup cakes as you’re always demanding them and I can only hope you find someone else to bring you cakes to work (they won’t be as good as mine though…).

Z, I thank you for always being there. Thank you for the nights at the shisha bars with your friends and family. Thank you for helping me expand on my diet. Thank you for being the perfect companion for people watching. Thank you for joining me at the yard even though you are petrified of horses and dogs (don’t deny it, you are petrified of them). Thank you for the many nicknames you have given me. Thank you for listening to my rants. Thank you for providing down to Earth advice. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face thank you for being you. You’ve taught me a lot about myself and you’ve helped me in ways other couldn’t. You’re a genuine person and I will never find anyone else as kind hearted as you.

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Here’s to our next adventures!

Lots of love,

Emma xo

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