Blood Moon Meditating

Last night was the blood moon! Although I couldn’t see it here in the UK due to the cloud I could still somewhat sense it. So when I got home last night, I set my bedroom up, got my crystals, played some meditation music and meditated away and it was crazy.

I put my crystals out on my chakras, put my ear phones in (Deep Meditation) and took 3 deep breaths. I then took myself to my happy place. I like to start off my meditations here. It helps positive vibes flow and calms my energy (Creating Your Happy Place). I was sat at the top of a hill watching the sunset then all of a sudden Barney came and sat next to me. I tried not to doubt it and I just went with whatever was popping into my head. A few moments later my dad came and sat on the other side of me. That has definitely never happened before however, earlier on in the day I went to visit my dads grave. It was a strange experience but a good one. I sat next to his gravestone and I actually spoke. Normally I have conversations with him in my head but this time I was actually able to speak. I told him about Australia, thanked him then told him how much I love him and that’s the first visit I’ve made where I haven’t cried as well as the first visit where I was able to speak my thoughts. Now whether that explains why he popped into my happy place or not, both experiences were comforting. Whilst in my happy place we spoke again about Australia and he told me how proud he is of me and I’m glad that happened whilst I was in my happy place. We sat on top of the hill and watched the sunset over the horizon. I could feel myself drifting so I knew it was time to focus on meditating and cleansing my chakras. So I got up, said bye and walked down the hill. I turn around and I see my dad and Barney just sat watching the sunset and it provides me with peace. All is calm.

For the next part of my meditation I focus on my chakras. I’ve got my crystals on each individual chakra and I visualize each crystal for a few minutes at a time. I start at the top with my crown chakra and I put a clear quartz crystal just at the top of my head. I imagine a bright white light and I can’t quite explain the feeling I got but it was powerful. Like a gentle booming at the top of my head. After a few minutes I move down to my third eye which has a amethyst crystal on it. I’ve always been a spiritual person, even when I didn’t realise it but when I focused on my third eye I could feel it. I could pin point exactly where the crystal was on my face and how much energy was coming from it. When I felt ready I moved down to my throat chakra which had the Agate crystal resting on it. The last time I had crystal therapy my throat chakra was very blocked and sore. There was a moment where I felt like I couldn’t breathe however when I focused on it last night I found I only needed to do a minute or so and the work was done. I didn’t doubt myself. The best thing to do when meditating is to go with the flow. Don’t let logic or beliefs get in the way. So I moved onto my heart chakra. I put my Aventurine crystal here and imagined a green light flowing in and out of my body. I was provided with an overall warm feeling. A feeling of comfort and love. I stayed on this crystal for a bit longer than the others but when I felt ready I moved down to my solar plexus. This is normally the chakra that a lot of people need cleansing. It’s responsible for our decision making, gut feeling, independence and self beliefs as well as many other things. I had my Citrine crystal here and when I have used it in the past it’s rolled off my abdomen which basically means it’s work is done. This time it didn’t roll off so I did some extra work here. I focused on the crystal and imagined a bright yellow light coming from it. After a few minutes my intuition was telling me to move on so I went onto my base chakra. The chakra responsible for keeping us grounded and in balance. I had my red Jasper crystal here and I could feel the heat radiating from it. Once I had cleansed my base chakra I imagined all my chakras and the colours which represent them. I visualized the white light flowing down to the purple light. Then the purple flowing down to the blue, the blue down to the green, the green down to the yellow and then the yellow down to the red. It all flowed nicely. There were no blockages, pauses or gaps so I knew everything was cleansed and balanced.

Next I did some reiki on myself. I didn’t do a lot because I could feel my body getting tired so I did a minute or so on each chakra. My crown, third eye, heart and solar plexus chakras were warm. I could feel the heat radiating from my hands. I pictured the colours, the bright lights and the crystals. It was all so powerful. Once I had done my reiki I removed my crystals and lay in bed for a few minutes and focused on my breathing. I then called upon arch Angel Michael for guidance along my path and my journey. Eventually my brain began to drift and the realisation of me just being lay in bed began to sink in. So I removed my head phones, drank some water and went to sleep.

Every full moon I like to have a deep meditation session with my crystals. It doesn’t cause anybody any harm and it helps me stay mindful, calm and in tune with myself. Meditation can seem impossible at first but even just meditating for a minute or so can benefit you in wonderful ways. Our brains are fascinating organs and I fail to believe that they are not connected to a higher level of consciousness. There is a huge portion of our brains that we know nothing about, who’s to say that spiritualism, meditation or holistic therapies is all trick of the mind? Maybe it is. Or maybe we are able to tune into the potential of our own brains.

Even though I didn’t get to see the blood moon last night, I managed to use its energy to create a peaceful mindset and a successful meditation session.

Looking forward to the next full moon!

Sending love and light to you all,

Emma xo

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