Barneys First Day At The Beach!

Barney has never been to a beach before. We live just outside of Manchester so we don’t really have a beach near us (Blackpool beach doesn’t count…) and Barney hasn’t always been a lover of car journeys. He used to travel in a cage which would be in the boot of the car. I was never really fond of it so whenever I drove Barney anyway he joined me in the front and it was obvious where he preferred to sit. He likes to watch where we’re going and stick his head out of the window which he couldn’t do before. The longest journey he’s ever done in a car is about 1hr and a half so that’s what we started off with. My mum drove us down to Conwy, a place in North Wales. I’ve driven through Conwy before but never really stopped over. Barney travelled peacefully. We had the roof down to make sure he got a proper breeze as it was very warm yesterday (I’m so sunburnt). He joined me on the front seat for most of the journey but also sat down in the footwell. We arrived in Conwy and Barney was straight away sniffing and peeing on everything. We walked down the stoney path onto the beach and he was trotting around like he was a 4-year-old again. I took him to a little pool and he had a paddle. Tried to drink some of the water but soon realised it wasn’t meant to be drank. Once he had gotten used to the environment walked closer to the sea. He was unsure about the moving water but once he saw me and my mum paddling in it he soon joined us. At first he was pretty much glued next to me or mum but the more time we spent there to more confidence he gained. He was walking further in front of us without turning around or waiting for us to catch up. He was exploring all the new smells and he had his eye on a seagull at one point.

After an hour or so in the sea we sat down in the sand dunes and had a picnic! Barney had a nap in the shade and my mum and I had some chicken sandwiches. It was only about 3 in the afternoon and we weren’t ready to go home yet so we decided to drive further down to Abersoch. We packed up our things and set off. This was an extra hour in the car and Barney didn’t bat an eyelid. Once we arrived we took him on the beach there. This beach was smaller and a lot busier but Barney was surprisingly okay with it! He can be a bit of a wimp, especially when it comes to other dogs. He’s more of a people lover than a dog lover (complete opposite of me…) so I kept him on his lead till we got to a quieter section. Once I let him off he was happily trotting ahead of us and walking in and out of the water himself. It was still pretty warm at this point so I think Barney liked the water. The deepest he went was up to his neck and he stayed in the water for about 5 minutes. Didn’t move a muscle, just stood there. I guess it was helping him stay cool!

When he finally found the energy to move he was more than happy to play fetch. Such a simple game that he loves to play. The tide was starting to come in by this point so we made our way back to the car. Barney carried his ball back, went for another paddle and met some other dogs along the way. We gave him his tea and we planned our next route. It was too nice of a day to go straight home yet so we drove to Betws y Coed. This was kinda on the journey home but we did take a detour. We drove through Snowdonia and the views were spectacular! Absolutely beautiful. It took about 40 minutes to get there and once we arrived we got ourselves a chippy tea and sat by a small waterfall.

The sun had started to set so we decided to head home. As we were driving through the Welsh mountains the moon was very low in the sky but my god it was beautiful! Never seen it like that before. Don’t forget to meditate tonight! There’s a full moon tonight so it’s the perfect time to align your chakras and guide your soul!

I wanted to take Barney to the beach before I leave for Australia (7 days left!) but realistically I couldn’t afford it. A few day ago my mum told me to make sure I was free Thursday afternoon as she had something planned. I know my mum, I knew she would be taking us to a beach but I didn’t think we’d have as good of a day as we did. So I’d like to say thank you to my mum for always being there and for making everything possible.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Love you lots,

Emma xo

One thought on “Barneys First Day At The Beach!

  1. It was a lovely day out, fabulous drive with great company 😘 some super photos that I hope will help you remember Barneys first drive in a convertible 😂 first day at the beach and in the sea . Loved 💕 every minute think Barney did too 😘

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