Me And My Tattoo’s

I have tattoos. I only have 9 but I’d say 50% of my body is covered in them and I would not change that despite what anyone else says. There’s only my brother and Uncle who have tattoos in my family. I’m the first girl in the family to have them and I guess you can say I’ve had a mixed response. As my tattoo collection grew, the comments turned from “Oh that’s nice” to “Are you gonna stop now? I don’t want you to have any regrets” and my personal favourite “Girls can’t get away with tattoo’s as easy as boys can”. The comments and opinions were endless but it wasn’t always me who received them. They were redirected to my mum most of the time. It annoyed me slightly because it’s my body and my decisions, if you have an opinion please talk to me about it.

I got my first tattoo a few weeks after I turned 18. I wanted my first tattoo to be meaningful and personal to me. That way if I didn’t like the experience, at least I would have one tattoo that means something to me. One night at college I started drawing up tattoo ideas and I came up with a design that I instantly fell in love with. 1779348_10203306349005632_1771862714_nI knew I wanted something to do with my dad so I started putting ideas together. My dad was a bird lover. We used to go watching the birds on summer evenings and on holidays we would always watch the birds. ‘His presence we miss, His memories we treasure’ is engraved on his gravestone. Then the third line is his birthday and the day he died. I decided to go for the outside of my left thigh. That way if I wore dresses/shorts it was visible but I could easily cover it up also. I fell in love with the tattoo and a few weeks later I had booked in for another one. The tattoo shop local to me were tattooing the different coloured cancer ribbons for £25 and £5 went to cancer research. I decided to go for the pink ribbon as my auntie has suffered from breast cancer for several years. I got this tattoo on the side of my ribs…not the best place for your second tattoo but I wanted it in a place where it wasn’t easily seen. Not because I wanted it to be hidden, but because I couldn’t be arsed with my mum saying “No more now!” so I didn’t tell her about the tattoo but a mutual friend knew and accidentally told her. My mum confronted me and it didn’t go as bad as I thought it would. A few months later and I had booked in for my third tattoo. This one had no meaning at all. It was a flower pattern on my thigh and that was it. It took just under 4 hours to do but I loved it. Over time the tattoo extended up to my hip, then my back and it now starts just above my right knee and finishes on the back on my right shoulder.

I’ve tried to get tattoos in places that can be covered up. Out of all of my tattoos only 2 are visible and even then they could easily be covered up. In an ideal world I wouldn’t have had it that way, but I was scared of how my mum and other family members would react. I didn’t want to get in any shit and I certainly didn’t want my mum to get in any shit either but I just love tattoos. I love how my body looks with tattoos. My move to Australia is something I am extremely looking forward to for several reasons but one reason being tattoos. I honestly cannot wait to get a tattoo and not have to worry about how my mum or family are going to react. I’ve always been a pretty independent person, but this move will allow me to be 100% independent and that is what I need. You have no idea how exciting and relieving it is to finally be able to get a tattoo and not have to worry about hiding it or where to have it. A lot of non tattoo people ask me why I have tattoos. Basically, they help me love my body. Seeing myself naked now isn’t as upsetting or daunting as what it used to be. Before I got tattoos I failed to feel sexy. After my first few tattoos I began to feel sexy. It was strange! I wasn’t used to it! I looked at myself in the mirror and some days I thought ” You look good girl”. I look at my thighs and I see this beautiful art on them 24/7. I’m happy that both my right and left hips are covered in ink. I look at my body and I see artwork. Artwork I have designed. Artwork that has been designed by others. Artwork that is only meaningful to me. My tattoos have helped boost my confidence in myself. When I have my tattoos on show I empowered. I walk with my head high and not a care in the world. It’s something I don’t expect all people to understand but my tattoos help me feel stronger. If I can sit through 8 hours of tattooing I can do anything and the end result makes it all worth it. I feel tattoos are part of my personality. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have them. I love all of my tattoos and they all mean to much to me. Whether they are just a pretty design or personal to me, I love them with all my heart.

So if you want that tattoo, get that tattoo but remember:

  • Thoroughly think your design through. Tattoos are permanent.
  • Make sure you go to a legit tattooist. Please don’t be one of those that goes to the guy in the tent outside the shopping centre.
  • Get a tattoo for you. Not because someone else wants you too.
  • Look after your tattoo! Tattoo aftercare is easy and straight forward so there are no excuses for neglect!
  • Fuck what anyone else says.


My last tattoo was a few weeks ago so I’m hoping I’ll be able to last till next year now!

If not , I will keep you updated!

Love you all lots,

Emma xo

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