I Just Needed To Say This

Being in the horse industry can be very rewarding but also frustrating at times. I believe if you want to make progress with your horse, you need to work with them not control them. I see some riders in real life and on social media arguing with their horse because the horse won’t do what the rider wants. We have to remember that horses have their own brains, minds, personalities, fears and thoughts. Do you really want to piss an animal off that could easily kill you with just one kick? Shouldn’t we be appreciative at the fact that they doesn’t do that and they probably doesn’t want to do that to you. We control a huge aspect of our horses lives and they have no choice in the matter. They trust us. They trust that we will look after them and we won’t put them in any danger or harm. Our horses will always try for us but we have to meet them half way. Work with what your horse fears. Work on your horses weaknesses but don’t forget to listen to your horse! Listen to what they are trying to tell you because I can guarantee you will understand more and make quicker progress if you listen. They listen to us, out of respect you should do the same.

I’m not aiming this at all riders or any specific riders but I see controlling riders out there more often than I would like and it bothers me. Bubbles and I have been working on some of his fears. He’s amazing in traffic and doesn’t often bat an eyelid at cyclists (depending on how much energy he has and how fast they were going…) but he can spook at pointless shit. Sadly we get a lot of litter on the lanes around the farm and it’s usually the bags and other bits of plastic that he spooks at. I’ve been planning our hacking routes specifically so we have to go past something he isn’t a fan of. Tonight on our hack I really tested him. We went past litter, metal benches, fallen branches, people fishing and grids (for some reason he is very cautious around grids) and he nailed it. There is this hedge that we usually walk past. It’s green but there’s a white plant growing in the middle that he normally spooks at and he had a minor spook at it today but nothing over dramatic. I’ve been working on his fears for a while now and I’ve noticed the more energy he has, the more he spooks. So considering I haven’t been able to properly ride him for over a week, I was really pleased and proud of him tonight.

The past few times I have ridden him we have been going on short bareback hacks and even then he has worked beautifully! Even though I haven’t been able to ride as often as I would have liked over the past few weeks, each time I have ridden he has been an angel and he has really tried his hardest and for that I am forever grateful. I cannot ask any more from him.

IMG_9714Thank you for letting me vent to you guys! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your evening,

Sending my love to you and your 4 legged friends,

Emma xo

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