Meditation Outside!

Yesterday afternoon I decided to try some outdoor meditating. At the back of the estate where I live, there are acres of fields and woodland where I normally take Barney for a walk. As it was lovely weather yesterday, me and Barney went up to the back fields.

I’ve been going to the back fields for many years now. I’ve spent a lot of my childhood playing in the woods and on the fields. I know the place like the back of my hand. It’s where I go when I need some peace and quiet. It’s the ideal location for a bit of me time.

There are about 3 ponds and 1 huge lake up there and depending on my mood, the weather and my aim of the journey depends on where I choose to sit and relax. Yesterday, I chose to sit here. There was some shade for Barney to lie down in whilst I sun bathed. I had a view of the fields in front of me which had horses grazing on it. I was surrounded by trees, fields and horses. IMG_9610


That’s when it clicked, everything around me was similar to my happy place (which you can read here), so I decided to try some meditation. When I meditate I normally take myself to my happy place. So I took my earphones out, listened to my surroundings and closed my eyes. I took 3 deep breaths in and focused on my happy place and it was crazy. I was aware that I was meditating, but it honestly felt like I was in my happy place. The surroundings of where I was, were almost identical to the details of my happy place. After what felt like several minutes I tuned out, opened my eyes and instantly felt happier. I was sat there just smiling. It felt like I was there for several minutes but when I put my ear phones back in, the same song was still playing (Biggie Smalls – Juicy), it was weird! I would’ve sworn I was meditating for several minutes, at least that’s what it felt like!

I stayed at the pond for a couple of hours and eventually we walked back home. I’ve been riddled with a sore throat this week, which has left me feeling kinda drained, but that outdoor meditation really helped lift my mood.

Now that the weather is getting better, I think I’m gonna try outdoor meditation a lot more!

Sending my love to you all,

Emma xo

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