Creating Your Happy Place

For me, my happy place is a place I created in my head. It’s a place where my mind can escape and it gives a chance for my physical body to take a break from the real world.

When I was in the first month or so of my counselling, my counsellor was informing me of what to expect with the CBT therapy and ways of coping. The therapy required me to close my eyes and relive the traumatic events that caused me a lot of pain. I had to fixate on every emotional, physical and mental detail so when it came to me opening my eyes, I was normally confused at first and then all the emotions built up from the event were released. My counsellor advised that it might help me if I created a happy place in my mind. During my sessions I had my counsellor there to help calm and reassure me when things got tough, but I had tasks to do at home which were pretty daunting. My counsellor advised that once I had completed my tasks, to try either meditation or simply closing my eyes and taking myself to my happy place. At the time meditation wasn’t best suited for me so I decided to create my own happy place.

There are some things to consider when creating your own happy place:

  • Intuition. Trust your intuition. Your intuition is your soul speaking to you. Your gut feeling. So when creating your own happy place, what’s the first place that comes to mind?
  • Surroundings. Choose your surroundings carefully. Your happy place is somewhere for you to escape from the real world. The busy lifestyles, worries and any negativity. Ideally you want to avoid creating a busier life in your head than what you live in real life.
  • Be Creative. You have a chance to create a place for only yourself! A place that won’t cost you a penny and you can visit it whenever! Pick your area and add some details to it. Think about your passions, loves and what actually makes you happy!
  • Sense. Don’t forget your senses. Creating details that your senses can tune into. What do you like to feel of? What can you smell? Think about what makes your senses wake up in your real life and add those details into your happy place.

When I was creating my happy place I experimented with my intuition. My gut feeling has always been on point, ever since I was a child but I’ve always gone against it. I’ve always doubted it. So I tried creating different environments, settings and details but in the end my mind always took me to the same place. So the first thing that came into my mind was a beautiful sunset. Dusk is probably my favourite time of the day. My bedroom is in the attic and I have a window on the roof which I am able to look out of and watch the sun set. There is something peaceful and beautiful I find about the sun setting, no matter where I am. So I accepted the image of the sun setting and I started to image where I was. My mind placed me on the top of a hill that is covered in long, lush green grass. and fields that stretch out for miles. The hill-top gives me a perfect view of the sun setting on the horizon. This was the overall setting that my mind placed me in, so I started to add my own details. I added horses. Some are grazing on the grass and sometimes I’m either sat on one or riding one. Horses are part of my soul, so seemed only right to have them in my happy place. I added a soft breeze. The breeze helps my senses tune in. It helps me notice more in-depth details about my happy place and it helps it seem more real, making it easier to stay there. The breeze creates noise too. When I’m there I can hear the leaves on the trees, I can feel the long grass blowing in the breeze and I can tell which way the wind is blowing by the direction my hair or the horses hair is flowing.

My intuition created a place designed for me and only me. It’s personal, meaningful and truly is the only place I have been 100% happy and I haven’t had any worries, doubts or fears. I like to visit my happy place every night before I go to sleep, during meditation and when life gets busy or too much, I like visit my happy place. I stay there as long as my mind stays there’s. I’ll admit, sometimes it’s quite hard to leave a place of complete peace and bring yourself back to the real world, but since I created my happy place it has been extremely helpful for me both during and after my counselling.

Creating a place designed especially for you that is free of charge, free from destruction and free from negativity can benefit your mental health and help you become more mindful. It’s a place you can visit whilst doing your shopping, at work or on the comfort of your own couch.

Give it a try!

Sending love and light to you all,

Emma xo



5 thoughts on “Creating Your Happy Place

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  3. I totally love this idea. I have often been told to go to that happy place, but I did not know of one in my past .. BUT to create my own happy place is awesome … thank you for that idea. Also, I like that intuition is our Soul talking to us. Keep up your wonderful and insightful sharing with other … in time you will have a book written to share as well … :o) Cheers, Alexis.

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    • Thank you! My happy place is somewhere I often like to take myself because it’s so personal to me. The best part of creating your own happy place is you can design it to suit you! Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate it!
      Sending love and light to you xo


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