Beach Yoga In Cape Verde

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Hello readers! I’ve missed you all! I landed back from Cape Verde last night and I already wish I was still over there! It’s such a beautiful place!

The hotel we stayed at was just wonderful. Built on the sea front, it had its own section of the beach just for hotel guests. One day my mum and I went for a walk along the beach and the sand dunes. The sea is so clear and the sand was like golden silk. I’ve never been anywhere like it! Doing some yoga on the beach has always been a dream of mine. Something I wanted to tick off my bucket list and I thought there was no better opportunity than on this holiday. I’ve always practised yoga in the comfort of my own bedroom but I’ve never been overly enthusiastic about it till my mum and I started lessons earlier this year so my poses and experience are nowhere near as good as those experts you see on social media.

To start off with we headed to the top of a sand dune where we truly saw the beauty of the Boa Vista beach. It was breath-taking. So I got started doing the tree pose and not gonna lie it’s a lot harder to do yoga poses on sand! My foot kept sinking because the sand was so soft which then made me lose my balance, but for those few seconds where I was able to hold the pose I felt relief. I took a deep breath and felt all the tension, stress and worries just leave me. After a few attempts of the tree pose at the top of this sand dune we relocated down towards the sea front. Here it was slightly easier to hold poses and do some stretches. Yoga helps me relax, find my inner peace and release all the tension I’ve been holding up. Doing yoga on the beach was different. It made me feel alone, but in a good way. I was living in the moment. Everything that was happening around me didn’t matter. It was just me. All I could hear were the waves crashing on the beach. All I could feel was the sand and the warmth of the sun on my skin. Overall it was a feeling I can’t quite explain and something I’ve never experienced before. I live a life where I’m pretty much surrounded by people 90% of the time, which is something I’m not particularly fond of. Don’t get me wrong, I love the people in my life, but I love my own space. I love having time to myself. It’s something I need to keep me sane. I’ve gone from a hard party girl who was scared of being left by herself to a person who appreciates me time and how much I need and want it. Being on that beach just doing some yoga and stretches provided me with that alone, me time I needed. After sharing a room with my mum and staying in a large hotel, I just wanted some time by myself, and even though I knew my mum was on the beach with me (which is how the pictures were taken of course…) I got the little bit of me time I needed.

I’ve still got plenty more photos to show you and more experiences to share with you, but for now I’m off to see my horse and have a stroll in the evening sun!

Love you all lots,

Emma xo

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