Manchester – One Love

Manchester, a place many people of heard of. It’s a place full of culture, music, diversity and love, so much love. A year ago today Manchester was attacked which resulted in 22 people sadly losing their life.

I had just landed back at Manchester airport from my weekend away in New York, when I received a call from a friend asking if I was okay. I explained that I was and I asked her what was going on which is when she told me there had been a bomb explosion at the MEN arena where Ariana Grande was performing. My heart just sank, you never expect something like this to happen to your home town. Going through the airport and I was watching all the updates on my phone, it started off with 9 confirmed dead and then the numbers escalated. Part of me couldn’t quite believe it, I think I was more in shock. Throughout our car journey home the radios were playing sad songs and they allowed listeners to call in and express their hurt and anger. The whole country was in mourning, but Manchester’s atmosphere took a hard hit. We arrived home and we were pretty much glued to our phones checking if there were any updates. I contacted my friends who were at the concert, thankfully they were all okay, just very shaken up.

I did cry about it. I still sometimes cry about it now. All those innocent souls there, I can’t help but feel angry about it. Anger at the fact that maybe it could have been prevented! Anger about my home town being attacked in such a violent and disgusting way! But don’t look back in anger right? The whole of Manchester was grieving. It was difficult to watch and it was difficult to try to go back to normal after this. It had an effect on every single person I knew in the Manchester area, our home area, but the anger, sadness and grief brought us all together in a way I have never seen before. The whole of Manchester was brought together and we became one big family, supporting each other and comforting each other. Manchester isn’t like your average city, it’s different. There’s just something about Manchester that holds a piece in my heart and forever will. It’s a place where you can express your true self with no judgement, a place where you can make new friends so easily and a place that has an extraordinary history behind it!

My favourite quality about Manchester is the diversity as there is so much of it! It’s a place where people can express themselves and they don’t have to worry about others. Whenever I go into town I’m amazed at how many different people I see! People that lead different lives, wear bold clothes and people who show case their talent. It’s a place that even in the busiest of times, it still feels homely.

Manchester is my home town and forever will be. It’s a city that needs to be experienced. The people are strangers who feel like long lost family. The night life is on another level and the history Manchester holds is something else.

Manchester you are truly one of a kind.

Sending my love to the friends, families and victims of the arena attack

John Atkinson
Courtney Boyle
Philip Tron
Kelly Brewster
Georgina Callander
Olivia Campbell-Hardy
Liam Curry
Chloe Rutherford
Wendy Fawell
Martyn Hett
Alison Howe
Lisa Lees
Megan Hurley
Nell Jones
Michelle Kiss
Angelika Klis
Marcin Klis
Sorrell Leczkowski
Eilidh Macleod
Elaine Mclver
Saffie Rose Roussos
Jane Tweedle

Lots of love,

Emma xo

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