My Spiritual Awareness – My ‘Friend’ Elizabeth

So you may or may not have read one of my previous articles about how my spiritual awareness started. If you haven’t you can read it here

Throughout that article I talk about how my third eye was opened and I talk about this girl that I always see around. Her name is Elizabeth. At the very start I didn’t know her name. She never spoke to me, she never said anything. A couple of years after this had all started, I had come home from school after a truly shit day. I was fed up, everything was pissing me off. Later on that evening this girl (Elizabeth) pops up in the corner of my living room. Where she pretty much always stands and stares at me. That day I was not in the mood. I shouted at her to fuck off, and she didn’t. So like any teenager, I stormed off upstairs. As I was walking up my stairs the name Elizabeth was stuck in my head. I remember I turned around and she was stood at the bottom of the stairs, then she vanished. I didn’t really think too into it. I have a cousin called Elizabeth so I thought maybe I was just thinking of her without realising.

A few days later I met up with K and I was talking to her about how this girl follows me around without saying a word. At the time, all of this was new to me. I’d always been interested in everything spooky, but didn’t really have much knowledge. K explained to me that because I was new to it all, I could still be finding my feet. She said “The universe never hands us more than we can handle”, which is something that has always stuck with me but I shall get into that another time. She said there are different ways in which spirits can communicate with us and we can communicate with them. She told me about the time her daughter J was getting used to her gift and how she used to her the voices in her head. Then a while later she could hear them with her ears. I had been trying to figure out this girls name for ages! I was asking her both out loud, in my head and in my dreams. Nothing. I didn’t mention anything to K at the time. I was still sceptical about the whole thing, still am to this day. I didn’t want somebody else’s views and opinions getting in the way of me finding what was right.

Every time I saw this girl the name Elizabeth would go round and round in my head till she disappeared. It got to a point where I thought this cannot be coincidence, but how else was I gonna figure out more? I had nothing to go off. From her size and shape I guessed she was in her early teens. Her appearance gave me the impression she had died whilst drowning as she always looks soaked through. But still, that was nothing.
One day my mum went to see a psychic. She went to see this guy that she had never seen before. She was gone a couple of hours, but when she came home she sat me down and said she had something to tell me. So we’re sat on her bed and she tells me how the psychic she saw knew about Elizabeth. He described her exactly. My instant reaction was to cry. It was like confirmation to me, that maybe I wasn’t crazy. Maybe she is real…sorta. My mum told me how he explained she is a past relative from over a century ago and she died from pneumonia which can cause excess sweating, which is probably why she always looks soaked through whenever I see her. This. This was all I wanted. Some sort of confirmation. For someone who I didn’t know, and who didn’t know me to see what I was seeing. That’s all I wanted.

I saw Elizabeth on a regular basis till I left college. I don’t see her as much now. Part of me misses her, she was a big part of my life. Part of me is glad I don’t have her around anymore. She would make me paranoid, on edge and I couldn’t ever focus when she was around. I still see the odd ‘spirit’ every now and again. Sometimes it’s relieving. I had this gift thrown at me out of nowhere and there were times where I just wanted to shut it all off, but I’ve had rewarding experiences over the years, that warmed my heart in a way nothing else can. Am I still sceptical? Of course! It wouldn’t be reasonable if I wasn’t. But I know what I’ve seen and experienced. I’m somewhat still on the fence slightly, but I am a lot more open to the spiritual world now.

Even if you don’t believe in anything like this, there’s no doubt that the spiritual world is a fascinating world to explore and learn about.

Sending love and positivity to you all!

Love you all lots,

Emma xo

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