Colour Me Calm

It’s something you do a lot when you’re young…colouring! Oh I used to love when we had a colouring lesson in school! Over years I’ve forgotten how amazing colouring is!

I started to get back into colouring after my counsellor recommended it to me. It made me rediscover my child like side of my personality. I bought shit loads of different pens and pencils, made a comfy spot in my room and grabbed my new colouring book. I opened the book and got started. Everything kinda flowed. I knew what colour I wanted where. I was in my own world. I finished my first page and immediately started another. I couldn’t get enough!

Colouring allowed me to release my mind, soul and arty side. It helped me express myself. It filled in some spare time, gave me something to do and kept me out of any trouble. I used to be quite uptight and serious most of the time. Colouring helped me release myself from my own prison. It gave me something to do that would also benefit me. It helped me realise that it’s okay to still act a bit child like! It’s okay to enjoy yourself and have fun! It gave me chance to go through my thoughts and organise them without getting distracted or upset. I am an easily pissed off person, it doesn’t take a lot to wind me up, but sometimes I find it hard to let go of those petty arguments, not because they still bother me, but because of my PTSD and anxiety the arguments sometimes stay on repeat in my head making it harder for me to just let go and move on. When something like this happens, and a negative situation is on repeat in my head, I’ll grab my colouring book and colour till I’m calm. Colouring has given me a chance to process the situation in my head and let it go.

Colouring helps to reduce anxiety and depression as well as helping to improve your focus and make you more mindful. It’s basically an alternative to meditation! Not only does it help with your mental health but it prevents you from getting bored! If you’re a boredom eater (like I can be…) it’s perfect! It gives you something to do therefore you don’t think about your boredom food cravings! Ideal!

Colouring helps calm down our amygdala. This is part of our brain that is responsible for our fight or flight mode. People who suffer with PTSD, anxiety or stress may have a heightened fight or flight response as the amygdala is more active. Colouring is a calming and harmless activity that can turn down your amygdala allowing your brain to also relax and have a break.

Basically…colouring can be our saviour! It’s a hero in disguise! Is there any harm in trying it? Course not! You might find it beneficial for you!

I highly recommend colouring if you lead a stressful life. It allows you to take 5 minutes out for yourself. It connects you to your inner child and releases any negative emotions, thoughts or energies.

So go get your colouring book, grab your pens and pencils and colour away my friend! That’s what I’ll be doing today!

Love you all lots,

Emma xo


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