Equilab – The Must Have Horse App!

I love trying out new apps, but I find the horse world has few horse&rider apps. Then I found Equilab! It is amazing! It monitors your horses exercise routines!


Your horse has its own profile which you can edit at any time and you can have multiple profiles if you ride more than one horse!


Take our hack from today for example. It monitors your horses speed and tracks where you go via gps. Once you’ve finished riding, you’re able to enter details or notes about your ride.


It then puts all the maths onto different graphs for you!! So for example today, Bubbles was quite fresh. He hadn’t been ridden for a few days due to typical English weather and he had a swelling on his face (bee sting), so at about 47 minutes into the hack and he bolted…downhill. I was expecting an explosion, just not one so big! Thankfully I managed to stick to him. My life flashed before my eyes though…twat.


You’re then able to enter what type of ride you have had. Once you save your rides they all go on record. You’re then able to compare rides. For those that have multiple horse profiles you’re able to compare your horses overall records with each other!

Is there anything this app cannot do?! It’s a must have rider app if you want to track your horses exercise routines. It records so many details that other apps might not be able to do and its especially tailored to horse&rider! To top it off, it’s 100% free to use!


Also, this is a hot air balloon we spotted on our ‘stroll’ today. Whenever he spots something he’ll go into a trance and he’ll stare at it for minutes not moving a muscle! People wearing hi-viz, other horse riders and babies in buggies are more likely to send him into a trance.

If you do get a chance to download Equilab, do it! It’s worth it! Can’t recommend another must have horse app!

Please give your horse or pony a carrot from me!

Love you all lots,

Emma xo

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