Fun Fact Friday!

Hello and welcome to another addition to Fun Fact Friday! For todays article I thought I would dedicate the facts to meditation. Something that is widely known of but not often practised.

10 facts about meditation:

  1. Meditation helps to reduce blood pressure because it leads to relaxation!
  2. Meditation helps improve/release your creativity.
  3. Practising meditation can help you overcome depression, anxiety and many other mental illnesses.
  4. Over time meditation can increase your ability to focus.
  5. It can actually increase the size of your brain!!
  6. It decreases your chance of suffering a heart attack.
  7. It can improve your sex life and libido! Can’t complain about that can you!
  8. It can help you deal and overcome stress.
  9. It helps promote positive thoughts and feelings!
  10. Meditation can help you be more decisive!

Meditation, to me, is very powerful but recognised for its power. Meditation allows you to work with yourself, understand yourself and heal yourself. It can provide you with clarification, possibly the answers that you might need. It connects you to you.

At the moment I meditate every other day. I prefer to meditate before I go to sleep. This way my mind and body are cleared of any negativity and I’ll wake up the next morning with positivity and love. Meditation can take as long as you would like. When I meditate before sleep, I like to use a guided meditation. This will help me focus on meditating for as long as I can before I drift off to sleep. I find using guided meditation helps me to relax and destress, but sometimes I like to meditate in the morning. It prepares me for the day. My morning meditations I like to do myself. I’ll take my mind away from what is around me and i’ll go to my happy place. When I do this sort of meditation I’m guiding myself. I find this sort of meditation helps me tune into me. My thoughts, feelings and emotions. If I am meditating by myself, I’ll normally meditate till my focus goes a bit wavey. Once my focus goes wavey I will slowly start to end my meditation. It’s all about practise. When I first started meditating by myself, I could only get a couple of minutes done. Now i’m able to do about 15 minutes. Just 15 minutes out of my day to help me feel refreshed, confident and happy. It’s not much considering how much it can benefit you.

If you do struggle to mediate, and struggle to find anything helpful online, there are apps you can download on your phone. I’ve provided some for you below! All apps are free to download, but some request payment to access more of the app, some have half freebie info and half you can pay for if you want to.

  1. Calm. I have this app and it’s amazing! Really good starter app and is still useful for when you progress!
  2. Headspace. Another good app I had when I first started out. The guided meditation really helped me zone out!
  3. Meditation Studio. There is so much on this app it’s amazing! It’s perfect if you want to learn and practise meditation, but on your own terms.
  4. Single Habit – Meditation. Very similar to Calm and Meditation Studio. Allows you to pick what sort of meditation you would like and track your progress!
  5. Stop, Breathe & Think. This app is a mixture between meditation and mindfulness. It’s perfect for those who might need help remembering to just take a breath. I feel this app is more personal to you as it tailors meditations, yoga and acupressure guides to how you feel.

If you get a chance, check out those apps! Or try meditating yourself! At the end of the day it doesn’t hurt or harm anyone if you just try it. You might find it beneficial to you!

I hope you all have a lovely Friday evening! I’m spending my Friday with a take away and scary film with my bestie Z. I wish you all lots of positivity and happiness.

Love you all,

Emma xo

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