Om Yoga Show A Must!!

img_8395-1So I’ve spent my weekend at a local Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation event. One of the biggest in the UK! There were over 100 different stalls. Some selling crystals, books or clothes. Some promoting their all natural businesses. There was a lot going on!

I went there with my mum, who is quite spiritual. I’d say she convinced me to be more spiritual years ago. Everybody there was lovely. Everyone seemed so happy, calm and peaceful! It was refreshing to be in such a busy environment but remain so calm and collected. I made friends there just because people were so friendly and approachable!

Mum managed to get some shopping done whilst I went and ate all the freebies at the food stalls. There was something for everyone there! Such a brilliant day out! There were open classes for yoga and meditation so you could even get involved! And the food…so much food! The majority of it was vegan friendly, but vegan food is so so tasty! I had my first vegan burger there and it was lush! Andddd even better, I wasn’t bloated like a balloon afterwards! It was fascinating seeing so many people there and helping others!! Everyone seemed so kind hearted and everyone was up for a chat. It gave me a new look on life. It gave me insight into a few things I want to improve on. Such as

  • I want to try to get cleaner with my diet. I don’t eat a lot of crap at the moment anyway, but after trying all the vegan food its made me want to include more vegan food in my diet. It’s all natural!! And if a burger like that can go down without making me all bloated and uncomfortable, then fuck me I want more food like that.
  • Make me time special. Me time, is for me (obviously). Sometimes I do like to spoil myself. I’ll run myself a bath and fill the bathroom with petals, candles, incense and Ed Sheeran (Just his music sadly), but that’s quite rare. When i get me time now, I’m normally poop’d and I just want to nap. But I am determined to get more colouring, meditation, yoga and spiritual awareness squeezed in.
  • Embrace myself!! Embrace my personality, my body, soul and mind! Believe in myself. So many people at their stalls had started their businesses from scratch! It was their passion and their love for their passion that made them get there! Take a bow guys!

So…I’m just gonna start off with these few at the moment, but I believe when I start making these changes my whole outlook on life and myself will change for the better!

If you ever do get a chance to go to Om Yoga next year, do it!! It’s so worth it! Tickets cost about £7 each but it’s worth it considering you can attend free yoga and meditation classes! As many as you want as well!!

Well it’s Sunday here in the UK, which means its my day of rest. So i’m gonna head off for some new and improved me time!

I hope you’re all happy and well and enjoying your day! Remember to take care of yourself and most importantly love yourself!

Love you all lots,

Emma xo


The best vegan burger ever😍

5b5156c9-90d2-4228-b6d8-0dccc37a61c8-128275d8c-e2ba-410a-abdf-7003ef5b4f429616b4a3-55a9-4f44-bef9-23a3f2dc7173P.s you also get the chance to have a massage…

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