Welcome Readers!

Hello there! Welcome to my world!

I feel like I should have started this a while ago but I guess the timing wasn’t right then so here goes!

My name is Emma (Obviously) and I’ve decided today (April 10th 2018) to start this blog. Each article will provide you with a insight into either my life or my mind. I think its safe to say I haven’t had a normal life and I can 100% guarantee that my mind has a few loose wires.

My aim is to create a place where people can escape from the real world and possibly find something that they can relate to. My blog will cover a range of different subjects and stories ranging from everyday life-spiritual awareness-personal experiences so take your pick!


I will keep this brief because nobody really likes first introductions.

10 Facts about Emma (me):

  • I will always be brutally honest, even if it offends you. Honesty is the best policy.
  • My level or sarcasm is pretty high. If you need to ask me if I was being sarcastic, know that I was being sarcastic.
  • I have anxiety, depression and PTSD which can be fucking exhausting.
  • I swear. I swear a lot.
  • I’m not consistent in any aspect of my life. Therefore my posts might vary from every other day to 3 a day to 3 every other day. I apologise in advance.
  • I’m a pretty brief person. I put it down to my anxiety. However when I am passionate about a subject I will talk till you tell me to piss off.
  • I don’t believe in following trends, guidelines or rules. Fuck it, you only live once right?! Be your own person! Do whatever the fuck you want and whatever makes you happy!
  • I’m still figuring myself out. I’ve been lost for the past 10 years but I’m finally discovering my true self and it’s exciting!
  • I’m pretty much self taught. I have learnt tips and tricks from others but for the past year or so, I’ve been teaching myself by learning from my own mistakes.
  • I can memorise song lyrics very quickly without reading them and I will remember them for years and years. My friends and I are still baffled as to how I am able to do this.

10 things I hate:

  • Slow walkers.
  • Rude people.
  • Drivers who forget to turn their indicators off.
  • People who assume they know who I am. You don’t. Even those closest to me don’t truly know who I am.
  • People who talk to me when I’m eating. This is the absolute worst. Do not expect me to talk back. Not until I have finished my meal at least. I love food more than I do talking.
  • Drivers who don’t use their indicators. Why?!?
  • People who purposely annoy me. Please, fuck off.
  • Hay fever. The most frustrating thing ever when you love being outdoors.
  • Judgemental people. Again, please fuck off.
  • Shallow minded people. Is it really that hard to just open your mind?

10 things I love:

  • My best friends L, E and Z. They mean the world to me.
  • My dog Barney. I can’t describe my love for this little dog.
  • My family. As much as they drive me crazy sometimes, they are the most loving and supportive family anyone could ask for.
  • Horses. No matter how many times they have bitten, kicked, or stood on me, these animals are part of my soul.
  • Food. Need I say anything more.
  • Hannibal the TV series. As dark as it is, I love the show.
  • Tattoos. I have my whole body planned out, despite how much my mum dislikes the thought.
  • Being naked. Sometimes just being naked is the best stress reliever.
  • Being in my own space, with my own thoughts and my own energy.
  • Drivers who correctly use their indicators.

Each article I post will dive a little deeper into my life and mind. Every post has been written by myself, all pictures are pictures I have taken and all content on this blog is 100% true and from me.

So please, come on it! Take a peek and enjoy! Grab yourself a cuppa, get comfortable and explore The Life Of Emma!

Lots of love,

Emma xo

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